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 Why Choose Us? 

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are still currently evolving into new spaces and ideas. The rise of this technology within the last few years has brought several different exchange companies to the table. Through personal testing of exchange platforms, watching daily operations, and communication with other users we have identified several different opportunities to improve upon. 

These include but are not limited to: 
- Poor customer service/experience issues
- Long wait times for advertised “instant” transactions
- Low exchange liquidity
- Missing or stolen coins through “bugs” in the exchange system
- A limited amount of options to purchase with credit card or bank transfer
- No card free mobile payment applications available
- Wallet security and hacking problems

The VegaWallet point of sale system will be one of the first in the industry to support real-world cryptocurrency transactions. It will also enable investment firms and other trading companies to utilize our wallet for asset protection and security. Other companies have attempted to tackle this endeavor by focusing on credit card payments and ATM’s, whereas our system focuses on creating a future where all transactions are card free and processed through mobile applications. By combining several different elements of cryptocurrency into one platform we will create a unique and efficient system. 

The business wallet and point of sale system will revolutionize the future by providing: 
- Real world applications for selling and purchasing goods using cryptocurrency
- Full back office implementation including inventory tracking and employee services
- A system that pairs with mobile applications to prevent any lost or stolen cash. Extra security protection will also make clients feel more secure using mobile transactions.
- A business wallet for asset security during storage which will prevent internal attacks or unwanted withdraws and transactions.
- The option of keeping funds in cryptocurrency or withdrawing to cover expenses from companies who have not yet adopted crypto payment. All transactions will be logged and tracked for audit purposes with additional options available.
- Our mobile payment gateway, VegaPay. This technology allows users to pay with cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere (even at places that do not accept crypto payments).

The use of cryptocurrency provides the ability to break borders and promises a prosperous future. 

At VegaWallet we aim to implement the global usage of cryptocurrency and be the main driving force behind a superior financial system.



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Pre Sale

Starts 2018-01-07

Ends 2018-08-13

Token Sale

Starts 2018-09-17

Ends 2018-11-16

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Tarek hajri
Tarek Hajri
Bill oldham
Bill Oldham
Business Advisor
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Jacob Ballou
Chief Creative Officer
Nizar awledomara
Nizar Awledomara
Backend Security Developer
Mahaman sani
Mahaman Sani Chaibou
Security Architecture
Mejdi radhouani
Radhwani Medji
Developer/ Designer
Maher sakka
Maher Sakka
Director of Engineering
Vikram Singh
Development Team Manager
Hamdi bntiba
Hamdi Bntiba
Backend Developer
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Jacqueline Foust
Creative Assistant
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Saoussen Sarraj
Financial Advisor
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Dhouha Sarraj
Legal Advisor
Antier Solutions
Development Partner


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