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TEMCO is a supply chain platform on RSK blockchain. We connect isolated supply chain systems and offer real-time data services through our business intelligence tool and consumer application.

In existing systems, information is disconnected. As a result, consumers have doubts about product quality, and companies operate ineffectively. We connect isolated supply chain systems and offer data services. Using our business intelligence tool, companies gain new business insights. For consumers, we provide a consumer application to track real-time supply chain data and an online market with a cryptocurrency payment feature.

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Brian lee linkedin
Brian Lee
Co-Founder, CTO
Scott yoon linkedin
Scott Jaeseob Yoon
Co-Founder, CEO
Anon user
Hongsub Lim
Co-Founder, COO
Yongchul linkedin
Yongchul Lim
Lead Developer
Chris hong linkedin
Chris Hong
Lead Developer
Joey cho linkedin
Joey Cho
Business Development Manager
Jon kim linkedin
Jon Kim
Marketing Manager
Natasho woo linkedin
Natasha Woo
Design Director
Anon user
Sunah Hwang
UI/UX Lead Designer
Kyungchul kim linkedin
Kyungchul Kim
Front-End Developer
Graham friedman linkedin
Graham Friedman
Advisor, Co-founder & Partner of TLDR
Alex yamashita linkedin
Alex Yamashita
Advisor, Co-founder & Partner of TLDR
Adrian lai linkedin
Adrian Lai
Advisor, Co-founder of BlackHorse
Brian lee linkedin
Brian T K Lee
Advisor, Managing Director of BlackHorse
Anon user
Yongsik Kim
Advisor, CEO of INNO Healthcare
Anon user
Hyungsik Kim
Advisor, Ex-Professor at National Education Training Institute (Ministry of Education)
Anon user
Yujin Jang
Advisor, Partner Lawyer at Je Ha Law Firm
Anon user
Jinsun Koh
Advisor, Lawyer at J.Koh Law Firm
Anon user
Gichae Lim
Advisor, Head of Strategic Business at Sejong Telecomm
Anon user
Haneul Yoo
Advisor, Journalist at The Korea Economic Daily
Dongjin koo linkedin
Dongjin Koo
Advisor, Investment Team Leader at BSK Investment
Jiyun lily lee linkedin
Jiyun Lily Lee
Marketing Manager
Anon user
Saerom Sarah Hong
Marketing Manager


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Myoung Ji Son gave this ICO a 5 / 5

It was rated higher than any other ICO project and given a high rating because it was more likely to succeed.