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What are the drawbacks of classic blockchain?

The price and value of cryptocurrencies are growing in unison. But not everyone knows that even the blockchain technology has its own huge drawbacks which can be easily seen by the example of Bitcoin.

Tigereum eyes opportunity to message crypto

Tigereum CEO Darren Olney-Fraser is leading an innovative development team that will enable crypto to be sent to friends and family simply and securely by instant message.

Everything about the KredX ICO

A new organization has just burst onto the ICO scene. KredX, launching their ICO recently on the 4th of October, say that they're here to make some changes to the way we use and interact with our Cryptocurrency.

Blockbid Announces Launch Of Multi-Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

As cryptocurrencies and ICO’s burst on to the scene, many users/traders have become frustrated with the way most platforms only trade in a specific type of Cryptocurrency. This leads to multiple login credentials for each trading platform. Blockbid’s newest ultra-secure Exchange will allow the trading of many cryptocurrencies using one single login.

803 Mine Launches ICO Pre-Sale

The entire world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency could not exist without Bitcoin Miners. Now anybody can become part of this little known blockbuster investment.

New Mangrove Report: Average ICO Returns 1,320%

LONDON — A blind investment in every ICO to this date, including those who have failed, would have brought an average return of 1,320% profit for investors.

Abu Dhabi Started Working on ICO Regulation

Abu Dhabi's Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), have recently released guidelines related to digital currencies and ICOs for the first time.