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These ICO's will end in February 2018

January is coming to an end. And now comes the time to look at opportunities in the future. Here is the complete list of ICO's ending in February 2018.

Pocketinns Umbrella Project: decentralized online marketplace

With an aim to bring about effortless transactions between a seller and a consumer in a decentralized online marketplace the Pocketinns Umbrella Project is set to bring a revolution in the segment of the online marketplace.

World’s First Blockchain Based Lottery Platform: Fire Lotto

The technology of blockchain is being adopted in almost all the industries today and Fire Lotto is the latest entrant in the blockchain market. Launched on 1st January 2018, it is the world’s first blockchain based lottery platform.

Forty-Seven Bank ICO

Forty-seven was founded by information Technologies, Finance, Economics, Marketing and professionals in the gaming industry in 2017.

Future of Banking

The future of banking is very bright as the banks are transforming to digital banks.

Movement App ICO – Earn Through Your Physical Activity

The Movement App is one of its kinds as it gives the users the ability to earn money through physical activity. A person’s physical activity will get converted to digital coins which then can be exchanged for tokens having real-world value.