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Zabercoin - An Asset Backed Cryptocurrency

By Rene
Published almost 3 years ago

No matter what area of life, evolution is inevitable. The 21st century saw emergence of cryptocurrency which is considered to be the biggest revolution since the industrial revolution. Cryptocurrencies running over blockchain technology brings transformation like access to financial resources for all, uniform distribution of liquidity and may more.

Introducing Zabercoin

Zabercoin is an asset backed cryptocurrency which means every token represents some physical share in a company, which will mainly invest in real estate of emerging markets where return on investments is higher. 

Choosing real estate as a backing of the token has great implications. Since the price of other investment areas like stock market, oil and gas, gold etc go up and down, while growth in price of property always remain steady upward. 

Benefits offered by Zabercoin are

• A secure and instant global Peer-to-Peer payment system. With Zabercoin you can transfer your tokens to anyone anywhere in the world.

• Breaking the monopoly of middlemen institution, resulting in elimination of their fees and high return. 

• Allowing anonymous transfer of funds between parties by hiding their real  identities. This is very helpful to carry out transactions in a region where crime rate is high.

Every fait currency loses its value over the time. It's because every time government prints more currency notes the price of already circulating notes go down. To avoid inflation, there will be only ten million Zabercoin ever and are sold to investors through single ICO.

Zabercoin will take Tax incentives directly to its investors like 'Article 13 Sex of the Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962, South Africa'. Under this tax law, investors get 5% tax rebate on normal property and 10% on low-cost housing per annum if they fulfill following criteria

• Owing 5 residential units in south Africa.

• Residential units must be new.

• Units should only be used for trade purpose only i.e. for renting.

Apart from South Africa, Countries eyed by Zabercoin team for investment are Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa. Morocco and China. All these are backed by statistics which can be found on page 18 through 23 of Zabercoin whitepaper. 

Ongoing projects by Zabercoin Team

1. Plot 99 Equestria, Pretoria, South Africa

A lucrative 3 hectares of property which is ready for development of 53 units in east of Pretoria.

2. Partnership with IGrow Wealth at Fourleaf Estate, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Zabercoin partnership with IGrow Wealth will give benefits like zero agent fees and good rental income from Fourleaf Estate. 

3. Government Town Establishment, Potchefstroom, South Africa

Involved in 14 months Government based project for establishment of town in Potchefstroom. 

4. Agriculture project, Bela-Bela, South Africa

Zabercoin team intends to operate a sheep feedlot in Bela-Bela farms, with 25-35% return per annum on sheep feedlot.


Cryptocurrency is a future currency and its best time to buy a cheap one for good future return. Zabercoin distinct itself from other cryptocurrencies as it has physical backing in the form of property land, a feature even lacked by Bitcoin. Managed by a team who has rich experience in real estate investment, will ensure a good future growth for Zabercoin. Remember bitcoin (now 8000 USD) was once 0.008 USD and was considered to be of no use back in 2008.

Take a look at the Zabercon team, bounties and whitepaper at their page on thetokener.com or visit their website.