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Xmoneta ICO – World’s First Decentralized Encrypted Messenger

By Manmeet
Published almost 3 years ago

Xmoneta is a blockchain technology-enabled platform to facilitate all the accessories in one framework such as chatting, buying, earning, branding, and trading. The prime focus of the decentralized application is to create a first messenger bank for both fiat and cryptocurrency. It has broken all the traditional regulations and boundaries.

One can also use the Xmoneta application as a digital wallet to hold money and further exchange as well as transfer money within the application.

How did the application works?

The two endnotes are the gateway in which one denotes the mobile application and the other is the web application. These are written in the UI/UIX technologies. Following steps explain the process of transactions-

1.       Before the data is sent to API framework, it is encrypted with an AES-256 encryption algorithm, and then only data is sent. On the other hand, it will be decrypted automatically.

2.       In fact, the network route between the mobile user and API system will also be encrypted by SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol.

3.       The data will be stored in the database and the platform associated with various applications will enable it to perform as a single window.

Xmoneta Features

·         Xmoneta enables the automatic payment without interfering with the other transactions. It can make QR payments, online payments on all platforms and on credit or debit cards as well. The currency exchange feature is also available on the network.

·         It uses several technologies such as protocols, blockchain to conceal and secure the message transactions. There is no possibility of malicious attacks or any third-party interference.

·         All the digital money can be kept safely in one place. Thus, there is no need of installing the different applications for various types of currencies.

·         It is applicable and accustomed to all the platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android etc. It is a customized and user-friendly platform.

·         There is no limit on the transactions in monetary terms as the selling or buying activities can be performed infinitely. To make it more exciting interesting application, lottery, investments, and bounty programs are also offered within the application.

Attributes defining integrity of the platform

·         Public Channels: It is a mean of interacting with various groups on different social issues, topics or problems faced by the people.

·         Private Channels: It facilitates the private communication/interaction between friends or groups in a private mode.

·         Search Engine: Based on the previous searches, the prediction system is enabled which will automatically provide a user the authorization to access the data, if any new information is uploaded on the network.

·         Scanner: QR code scanner is integrated with the system which takes care of the security of the transactions.

ICO Details

·         The sale will commence on 25th Jan 2018 and last until 30th April 2018.

·         Token Denomination: XMN

·         Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000

·         Available for Sale: 250,000,000 XMN (25%)

·         ICO Token Price: 1 ETH-2000 XMN

·         Token Standard: ERC20

·         Platform: Ethereum

·         Token Level: Utility Token

·         Hard Capitalization: 89,000 ETH

·         Soft Capitalization: 1,000 ETH

·         Currency accepted is Ether (ETH)

·         There is no minimum transaction amount and number of tokens one can have is unlimited