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WorldWifi ICO: How they are causing ripples in the market.

By Timo
Published over 2 years ago

What can’t blockchain technology do? Well, this technology is limitless. Since the Bitcoin introduction in 2008, the technology’s application in digital market has increased tremendously. New ICOs have been popping up every day with impressive whitepapers. Among the ICOs that are already causing ripples in the market is the WorldWifi ICO.

What is WorldWifi ICO?

WorldWifi is a platform that is revolutionizing Wi-Fi application with the power of blockchain technology. Although the platform is in its initial stages, it is already creating a bliss in the market. WorldWifi will be a global decentralized free network with participants including users, router owners, and advertisers. Through this system, the end users will be enjoying free network while the router owners receive payments from advertisers for the ads viewed by the users. For the advertisers, they will receive an effective tool for advertising their products. That is how the network is structured.

What Does WorldWifi Say?

The worldwifi whitepaper has laid out the entire project in fine and palatable details on how the project will be delivered.  According to the white, the WorldWifi network is based on private owned routers. The target in the project is the end user. So, router owners will be offering the internet for free, and they will be paid with crypto coins or cryptocurrency from the advertisers. This will be a win-win situation.

But to achieve this, the team will build up a decentralized network to enable millions of user to transact at any time. According to the whitepaper, the platform will be using smart contract technique to enhance its TPS.

WorldWifi Token and Icon Sale

WeToken is the token or fuel of currency that will facilitate transactions on the WorldWifi ecosystem. The advertisers or developers on the platform will need these tokens to pay the router owners for each add previewed. WeToken (WT) are ERC-20, and thus they will be based on Ethereum platform because it allows for easy designing and testing of the smart contracts.

According to the schedule, the public ICO sale will start from 18 March 2018 – 18 APR 2018. The tokens will sell at $0.1. The total supply is 600 million, but only 33% of the supplied tokens will be up for sale. This is how the WT will be distributed:

• 40% Future Development

• 33% Token Sale 

• 20% Pre-Sale

• 7% Founders 

• 5% Team 

• 3% Adviser

• 2% Bounty

Roadmap and future of WorldWifi

The worldwifi team has an elaborate roadmap on how to deliver on the project. From the ICO sale in March and April, the company will launch a mobile device application in August. However, a worldwide expansion will be rolled out in March 2021. The platform target is on millions of Wi-Fi users. It’s a highly potent blockchain platform that’s worth investing in. 

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