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World Coin Network - "The future of middle eastern crypto currency"

By Worldcoin
Published over 2 years ago


Project Description - World Coin Network Max Cap of 100 million WCN tokens. 

World Coin Network aims to bring a stable Middle Eastern Crypto Currency to help facilitate trade and foster a culture of builders and dreamers through a four pronged approach -
Digital Currency Stability, Regional Partner Coins, Lending Platform, and Charity. 

By Empowering the Middle East, facilitating trade and job creation are our main goals. World Coin Network, is a financial services business that will help banks integrate the World Coin Network tokens and infrastructure into current systems. 

The Problem: 

85% of the 700 million people living in the Middle East are unbanked, with no access to credit, credit cards, or formal banking. This hinders economic progress and continues the cycle of poverty. We have taken a four pronged approach to help create the first Crypto Currency to tackle the problems faced by millions of people. 

- World Coin Network will help leapfrog 85% of the unbanked Middle East into a new digital era of wealth management, crypto currency and stable banking instruments. We will do this by partnering with money changers in the region and have them also sell WCN coins. We have already found over 30 exchanges in Pakistan alone that are willing to partner with us. 

- Seamless Lending Platform will facilitate trade and foster a culture of Builders and Dreamers. Our Sharia compliant lending platform will loan 50,000 — 100,000 loans a year at 0% interest, and cultivate a community of WCN holders and users. Micro loans from 100 to 1,000 WCN tokens will be handed out. These loans can change people's lives and increase the quality of life for an entire family. As customers repay the loans we will also provide them and the business with credit rating scores, thus enabling them to participate in global commerce. 

- Regional partner coins and will help spread digital currency across the Middle East and rapidly expand the reach of WCN tokens. Our plan is too fork and create partner coins like Iraq Coin or Afghan Coin to also utilize the World Coin Network and adhere to regional financial laws. 

- Keeping with our ideals of creating a stable and prosperous Middle East, we will be allo-cating a portion of our profits for Zakat (charitable tradition). We will be donating 20% of our transaction fees to non-profit educational charities in the Middle East

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