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VectorZilla ICO – A Blockchain Based AI Driven Stock Graphics Platform

By Manmeet
Published almost 3 years ago

What is VectorZilla?

VectorZilla is a structured, well-designed and AI enabled royalty-free stock graphics platform. It is the 1st blockchain technology which uses deep-learning methods to store the documents. The images are the source of information for millions of users, therefore, the startup makes use of it in their documents, presentations etc. However, the stage that piles them for the outer world is “VectorZilla”. It has revolutionized the stock graphics industry and numerous organizations and businesses are making benefits of it.

How does it work?

1.     It stores the visual content which can be related to any of the topics.

2.     The users can access the VectorZilla platform by simply singing in and use the information available.

3.     Even the clients can sell their graphics data at the VZ platform to those who are associated with it. The payment method used by the platform is secured and easy.

VectorZilla Attributes

-  It is a depository of more than 1 million graphics files which are of worth more than 25 million USD.

-  The efficiency of the platform is enabled by the optimized search engine.

-  It enables the partners to use the products and services through API (Application Programming Interface). It has provided the users the sophisticated API interface for performing various operations such as download, edit, publish or save. To some clients, high-end solutions such as branding, advertising are also provided.

-  Various other platform applications are also associated with VectorZilla. The distinctive graphics editing tools have created a stage for the users to perform editing operations on VZ network.

-  A plethora of platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Magneto as well as apps and plugins have been facilitated by users to access the VZ data.

-  Along with the service provider, it is also a marketplace for the ones to sell their visual content on VZ ecosystem.

-  The Ethereum ledger makes the VectorZilla a reliable, transparent, and secure program to carry out the transactions in a protected environment.

-  Both centralized and decentralized payment methods are applicable on VectorZilla such as fiat money and cryptocurrency.

-  The cloud storage facility has made VectorZilla feasible for those users who are worried about storing their content. Even the data can be downloaded to save it on their respective systems.

VectorZilla Users

VectorZilla basically target three types of users that include:-

·       Marketers

·       Publishers

·       Designers

Why Tokens?

The user can buy the VZT tokens to use the services and subscription plans provided by VectorZilla. The clients who have bought the tokens are applicable to the discount schemes launched by VectorZilla. Even the users have the convenience of using any currency to buy the tokens as the currency exchange platform is also collaborated to it.

When will VectorZilla ICO token be launched?

·       Timeline:-

Ø  The token pre-sale will start on 15th Jan 2018 and last until 5th Feb 2018.

Ø  The crowd sale will be done in 3 phases.

·       Token - VZT

·       ICO Token Price: 1 ETH= 1000 VZT

·       Minimum Amount: 0.25 ETH

·       Platform: Ethereum

·       Total Tokens: 100,000,000 VZT

·       Available for Token Sale: 75,000,000 VZT (75%)

·       Payments will be accepted ETH & BTC