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ValhallaCoin – A Cryptocurrency to Get Out Safe from Disasters

By Manmeet
Published almost 3 years ago

ValhallaCoin brings the power of cryptocurrencies in the survival from disasters both natural as well as man-made. Since cryptocurrencies are global currency they are not bounded by a nation’s borders and can be used at any place on earth at the rate stipulated by the global market. 

Through ValhallaCoin people who are living in areas which are prone to disasters like earthquake, hurricane and political crackdown will have a fast, quick and efficient escape path, often through a helicopter. These getaway paths are bought through contracts for which payment is done in advance through cryptocurrency. The contracts and the relevant information is stored on the public blockchain giving due respect to privacy. 

Thus, in case if any kind of disaster strikes ex-US Navy SEALS will take care that the person and his/her family, who have paid for the contract, are extracted out safely from the danger zone. The focus will not only be on the safe extraction of the family but also on helping the person in reconstructing his/her life from scratch.

Things to Focus on During a Disaster

Following are the essential things which require focusing on when a disaster strikes:-

• Making it out alive along with family members

• A safe and dependable location for a period of time which is enough for rebuilding life from scratch.

• Financial power & stability

ValhallaCoin will guarantee and make sure that a person who is buying a Valhalla contract will get all the above three mentioned things, not only for himself but also for his/her family members and loved ones. 

What Will ValhallaCoin Provide?

The Valhalla marketplace will ensure the provision of following products and services:

• Valkyrie: These are human extraction teams which are sent off with helicopters to bring a person and his family members to a safe zone.

• Valhalla: This is termed as a safe, secure and reliable place to stay where a person along with his/her family can live for multiple months together to restore themselves to good health or strength and regain or make up for losses. 

• Equipment: A person is provided legal survival equipment, secondary passports, and even satellite phones. Privacy is given utmost importance in all respects to any kind of transactions done. 

For providing the above-mentioned provisions Valhalla will make use of a large number of private assets and resources which are otherwise not available to a common person. For example, helicopters are beyond the range of a common person to get in case of a natural or a man-made disaster. 

ValhallaCoin aims to bring out persons safely from a natural or a man-made disaster. But apart from the fulfillment of the bought contracts, human extraction teams or Valkyrie will also fulfill their humanitarian duties by collaborating and cooperating with the emergency services for the safe evacuation of all those who are in medical need without charging anything for it. All the resources which will be with the team will be harnessed and utilized for saving as many lives as possible. Hence there are two sides to Valhalla; commercial as well as humanitarian. 

ValhallaCoin ICO Details

Token: VHL

Price: 1 USD = 1 VHL

Buy with: ETH, BTC

Platform: Ethereum

Location: Singapore

Pre-ICO Start: January 16, 2018

Pre-ICO End: February 10, 2018

ICO Start: February 16, 2018

ICO End: April 16, 2018