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Blockchain in the real estate

Use cases of the blockchain in Real estate

By Mathijn
Published over 2 years ago

With the arrival of bitcoin and with it the blockchain, new ways and opportunities lie ahead. The blockchain has many use cases and every day more and more about this technology is written and where and how it is/can be used. But can it also be used in Real estate, and if so, how?


What problems can be solved

What problems could you solve using the Blockchain and smart contract technology? Blockchain, for example, could make transferring data a lot safer. Also, transparency is known to be a lagging within the world of real estate. There are many ICO's who think to have a solution for some of these problems, all in there own unique way. Could the blockchain technology help investors get more money out of there investments? Or will it make you get a better understanding of the real estate around you? 


Check it out for yourself and check the ICO’s bellow.




Intro wants to keep the real estate market transparent. Therefore they build a platform which includes four services. The services are Analytica, Sale, Coinvest and restate. Analytica is an information system. Here you can monitor the real estate market. Sale is a platform for closed sales of apartments with a discount. Here you can buy real estate with 30% lower prices. Restate is an online store where you can buy off-plan houses. Coinvest is a social medium. Here you can interact with future neighbors and developers. Interaction will be rewarded by a bonus platform which enables you to purchase items in the platform’s store. The blockchain ensures the reliability of reviews and ratings.



Homelend sees the lack of transparency within the mortgages market. Homeland wants to make it easier for borrowers and lenders. They want to make an ecosystem on blockchain which enables parties to interact with each other in a secure and transparent way. With it, they want to eliminate the need for great manpower and so reducing the mortgage cost. Borrowers can get a mortgage loan within a few clicks and pay lower interest. With the use of smart contracts, they want to make it easier and faster to close the mortgage agreement.


Urbit Data


Urbit Data's mission is to open up the real estate market. They developed software which offers an evaluation of any real estate. This engine gathers information from public sources and uses this to calculate the value of a property. All information will be stored, evaluated and transferred on the blockchain. You can download the software which gives them information about the property in your area. For downloading this software you'll be rewarded by getting Urbit coins.


Viva Network


The Viva Network connects mortgage borrowers and global investors with a borderless, blockchain-secured could platform. They want to cut out the middleman which are the central banks that have been controlling the mortgage rates influenced by local currencies and economic landscapes.