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Blockchain in human resources

Use cases for blockchain in Human resources

By Mathijn
Published about 2 years ago

Human Resources has a lot of information to keep save and data to analyze. With the new blockchain technology, this can be done quicker, safer and easier.

When seeking job applicants a lot of personal information is being handled by companies. Names, email addresses, Telephone numbers, diplomas and more are being processed. Al this data can be stored much more safely by using the blockchain technology. Also, this data can be analyzed and processed more efficiently by letting it calculate for you who is the most certified for the job. Here are a few ideas ico's has come up with.



Aworker is a recruitment platform which uses blockchain technology. On their platform, you can become a recruiter and you'll be rewarded for your recommendations. Aworker will cut out the middleman and with this reduce costs.


International Science Hub


The ISH-platform will make scientific information public so scientists can use this information for their own resurges. This will increase availability and speed of development. The platform will be user-friendly and easy to use.



Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Fintechfans logo


FintechFans will help to find qualified staff using the blockchain technology. In the first phase, a  job board was created. In the second phase, FintechFans will create a decentralized marketplace for short-term projects. This will cut out the middleman.




Peoplewave builds a platform on which employees can manage their skills better and access their performance data. This platform enables you to share your experiences and performance data. At the same time, employers can make a better analysis of job applicants.




Ouna builds a peer to peer platform based on blockchain technology which analyzes data to find the perfect employee based on character, value, and motivation. This will save time and money because all of this will now be done for you.