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Blockchain in virtual reality

Use cases for blockchain in Virtual Reality

By Timo
Published over 2 years ago

Virtual Reality is looking to play a big role in the future. It is just like blockchain still a young technical development with a possible big role in our future. Virtual reality is mostly seen in the gaming industry but also plays an important part in much more areas like the army, flight training, police training.

One of the places where VR will need blockchain the most is in creating worlds. Decentralized VR worlds may become far more workable than VR worlds created by a 3rd-party. Currently, when a VR world is created it is maintained by the whim or the developer but when the creator goes bust the VR worlds goes down with it but able to keep the personal information of their players. With blockchain, the control can go back to the user. The next ICOs are using VR and blockchain for their projects.



Elysian is a decentralized platform where they are using Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence so they can provide efficient website navigation, visualization, and customer convenience into the E-commerce industry. They are using the Elysian token to run the ecosystem of their platform

Terra Virtua


Terra Virtua is a blockchain-driven VR entertainment Platform focused on games, eSports, events and broadcasts. It will have its own economy and items and experiences can be bought in the platform with their TVA token. 



ImmVRse wants to create a platform where VR content creators can show their content. ImmVRse hopes this leads to direct employment opportunities for the content creators. 



IceBreaker is trying to revolutionize dating, meeting and career networking. They are making an application to create more meaningful connections in people's lives than dating apps and site can do. They are using AR (augmented reality) in which you can see your and another's avatar(s).



Decentraland is a virtual world that is powered on the Ethereum blockchain. They are handing the control over their online world to the user. A user can buy there cryptocurrency ‘MANA’ and use this to buy virtual land on which they can build whatever they want.