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Use cases for blockchain in the Education system

By Mathijn
Published over 2 years ago

The blockchain has a lot of use cases and provides a lot of new opportunities. The educational sector has a lot of uses for this to and may really need it since this system is in need of a big update. 


How can blockchain be used in the Educational system?

You obviously want your education to be as good as possible. Easy access to your grades and progress without risking enabling others to look at it as well. Fast and easy access to educational content. All of this and more is possible by using the blockchain technology. You could also use the blockchain to save educational content. Why not use smart contract for your diploma. The possibilities brought to you by the new blockchain and smart contract technology is endless. 


A few ICOs who are using blockchain to improve the educational system:



Cubomania wants to educate children in a playful way by creating an interactive toy teaching the child letters, math to the basics of robotics. The app connects the content which is on the blockchain, with the toy.



UMKA does not educate you. They save your education, Skills, and experience on the blockchain which makes it easier for employers to find employees wich match their requirement, and easier for employees to show their skills.



By using the blockchain and smart contract technology BCDiploma want to become the global standard of degree certification. U can decide who can see your diploma, your friend, family, or maybe everyone.

Open Source University


Open Source University is trying to empower 7 billion learners to professional development and academic education opportunities on the Ethereum blockchain. With smart contracts, they can benefit the learners and businesses all at the same time.