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Blockchain in music

Use cases for blockchain in Music

By Mathijn
Published over 2 years ago

What changes could the blockchain technology make in the music industry? It could most certainly make it more transparent. And how nice would it be if you could earn some money while listening to music?

The music industry is known to be a closed industry. outsiders have little knowledge and influence on what’s going on within those companies. These big companies decide what you listen to, smaller artist have little chance of reaching you. Why don't you decide what music is good and which music you do not like? Could blockchain change this? The following ICO's think they have a solution.

RECORD Foundation



Record Foundation wants to create a new ecosystem to enjoy music. They want to reward listeners for liking and voting by giving them coins. These likes and votes give the music value. The coins can be used in shops as payment methods or you can transfer the coins to your bank and withdraw them as cash.



At Denchmusic wants to give users the opportunity to invest in a song so the artist can use this money to create the song. Investors will make profit when the songs get successful Also, investors will get MIC tokens which they can use on a platform to buy things like Meet and greets.



Inmusik will build a platform on which you can listen to your favorite music. Also, with your vote artists will get a better ranking. From your interaction not only the artist will benefit, you also will be rewarded by getting tokens.



imusify wants to create an ecosystem where music artists and listeners are more connected. Music artist will get more accurate information about their listeners. Listeners will get rewarded for their contribution.