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Use cases for blockchain in Medical / healthcare

By Mathijn
Published over 2 years ago

Medical data such as patient files are very private and no one likes the idea of everyone being able to look into those. The possibilities and advantages of the blockchain can be used for this problem. And many people have started doing this and more for the medical world.

How can blockchain be used in healthcare

The blockchain can ensure the security of a patient's data and protects his or her privacy. With the Blockchain technology, patient documents can be saved with a high level of security. Also, the information can be controlled much better so that the patient is in control of who can look into it. Some ICO's want to reward you by sharing your information with researchers so they can develop medicine for diseases. Others want to use the blockchain to give you the opportunity to choose the best doctor for you based or reviews saved on the blockchain. One ICO even wants to prevent illnesses by finding patterns in your data which can be a sign of a future disease.



Aimedis wants to change the way patients and hospitals communicate using smart contracts and the blockchain technology. On their platform, you can handle your information and only show your medical information with the people you want to share it with. This increases the safety of your medical information.



Etheal wants to make healthcare more transparent and help patients to save costs while getting the best healthcare they can get. They want to use the blockchain to save reviews doctors are getting on their platform and show how much they cost and when they are available.



By using the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence Hihealth tries to find prevent illnesses and find a pattern in your development. By adding a high ammount of medical data they try to teach artificial intelligence to find diseases in an early stage.



At NWPsolution they want to build a platform where patients are rewarded for sharing data with researchers. Also, patients will get more insight in their own data. They'll be rewarded by getting tokens which they can use to buy clinical services or medicine on the platform. This will help those researcher finding cures for different diseases.