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Truegame ICO: Everything you need to know

By Paula
Published over 2 years ago

Blockchain technology has shown immense potential for many industries including finance, health, and education amongst many others. But one of the industries that are starting to benefit from this technology is the online gaming industry. Truegame ICO is one of the ICOs that are attracting investors’ attention.

What is Truegame ICO?

It is an ICO for an igaming platform, Truegame, which is a blockchain-based gaming platform. One of the major problems of current online casinos is lack of trust by players and high running cost on the side of the gaming company. But these problems have been alleviated by the Truegame platform. The Truegame team’s objective was to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of running online casinos. To achieve this objective, they have used smart contract that helps improve the transparency, efficiency and also cut the cost of running and playing online games. 

Unlike most of the ICOs on the market, Truegame ICO comes with working gaming platform and not just white paper. That’s why many people have been investing in this ICO since they can see the product and the potential that the platform has. According to the team, they believe that the Truegaming ecosystem can double the revenues of casinos in a period of four or five years. 

Truegame company has included more than a dozen playable games including lotteries, scratch cards, prize draws and gift boxes amongst others. We expect Dice, Giftbox, and Smart Roulette to feature soon.

How does Truegame Work?

The platform uses blockchain technology to bring transparency and fairness to the game. The use of smart contracts has played a critical role in achieving this objective. With smart contracts, all games are randomly generated and stored publicly on the blockchain. That is how trust and transparency are achieved.

Truegame ICO Token Sale

TGame is the token or the currency that is used on the Truegame ecosystem. The ICO opened February 26, 2018, and it the sale will close on March 18, 2018. It is an ERC20 token, and thus it can be supported by Ethereum based platforms. The number of issued is 300 million TGAME with 70% (210 million). 

Buying TGAME

The token can be traded with Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC). If you want to buy some, you need to change your fiat currency to any of the three. The token is supported by major exchanges such is Bitcoin amongst others.

How different is Truegame from other blockchain platforms?

- Truegames is an operational platform

- Zero chances of scamming

- Low cost of operation and gaming

- Fair winning chances to each player

- High caliber


The fact that Truegame is an operation igaming platform makes it exceptional from the rest. This is a highly potent platform, and there is no doubt that the value of the coin will definitely rise in the future. It a great investment opportunity.