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Trippki ICO – A Better Relationship between Hotels and Guests

By Manmeet
Published almost 3 years ago

Trippki is an application system that plans to remove the middlemen or the Online Travel Agent (OTA) models from the hotel booking industry. A decentralized approach for the same will be implemented with the help of cryptocurrency based loyalty awards. Sale for the cryptocurrency named as TRIP is an Ethereum based ERC-20 token whose implementation is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018 by the company. Out of a total of 200 million TRIP tokens, 40% will be made available to be purchased during the sale. 

What is Trippki all about?

As hotel booking is a big online industry, there are hosts of middlemen as existing booking systems are based on Online Travel Agent (OTA) models. Trippki plans to take a crypto-centric approach by eliminating the middle-men and enabling direct communication between the hotels and the guests. 

What is TRIP Token?

The platform of Trippki, for the customer, will be the same as normal hotel booking platform but there will be a direct sharing of incentives and values between hotels and their guests. Once the guests have availed the services of the hotel they booked at the platform, the customer in return will receive a cryptocurrency based loyalty award token called as TRIP. Since these are crypto-assets the user will have complete control over their usage and spending. 

The customers will receive TRIP Tokens directly into their ERC-20 based storage solutions such as wallets as well as in debit cards. 

What are the benefits of TRIP Token?

This idea is implemented on blockchain technology so as to remove and eliminate the need for intermediaries. Each TRIP Token provided will be recorded on a rewards ledger and can be used by the customer to pay for subsequent hotel bookings as well as services availed on Trippki; thus enabling the customers to build their reputation on this virtual platform as well as with particular hotels. 

Additionally, with a decentralized blockchain economy, there will be a direct and better exchange of communication between hotels and their guests allowing them to provide the best of their services and deals to the customers. This, in turn, will help nurture and build a new and a better relationship between hotels and customers. 

So this way the power of cryptocurrency will be witnessed by the global travel booking platform. 

Process of participating in the TRIP Token Sale

Once the distribution window is opened, user are required to send ETH to the officially set Ethereum smart contact address through an address which they have complete control over and not via the exchanges.  

How Trippki plans to take on the existing market?

Trippki is on its way to revolutionize the online hotel booking industry by introducing the concept of cryptocurrency in it. As of now according to the Trippki Team; Red Carnation Hotel collection and Legacy Group Hotels are a part of the group of hotels associated with the Trippki project. Once the sale is on more associated hotels will be announced. This platform plans to take a major part of the relative market share by providing an economic bonus and associated remuneration of the TRIP Loyalty Tokens. 

The main aim of building Trippki is to create an improved, finer, fitter and a superior mutual connection between hotels and their customers.