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Top 5 ICOs for Investment in March 2018

By Rene
Published over 2 years ago

It is a well-known fact that nobody becomes rich by piling money under the mattress. You could take 20 percent of your income each month and save it, but if you are making 50 thousand USD a year (rough average for the US and EU), it will take you around 65 years to get to your first million. That is a terrible deal.


Check any publication on the matter, and you will notice one thing: millionaires and billionaires get to be so by investing. Nowadays, thanks to cryptocurrencies and token generation events, investing is easier than ever. We can find investing opportunities everywhere. But which ones are going to give the best "bang for the buck"?


In this article, we will showcase some of the best ICOs in March 2018. Check our list below:




The idea of BitGuild is to rewrite the foundations online gaming. The company plans to build games from scratch, making every character, item, and in-game asset unique and tradable – thus putting power back into the hands of gamers.


BitGuild sees unlimited possibilities and implications of having a dependable network of games built on the blockchain, and we are really looking forward to seeing them in action!


BitGuild ICO info:

Token: PLAT

Price: 80000 PLAT = 1 ETH

Soft Cap: 5,000 ETH

Hard Cap: 15,000 ETH

ICO Start: March 3, 2018

ICO End: March 24, 2018




The FreeZone plans to form the world's first free crypto economic zone. Basically, it is crypto heaven for Blockchain business with a five enterprizes for supporting the community. The five enterprises will be:


Universal trading platform

Fiat-crypto bank

Crypto investment bank

Fiat crypto payment system

Marketing agency


Currently, the company representatives are negotiating with 12 countries about the forming of the crypto economic zone. The zone will also provide free education, charity, help with getting visas for traveling and much more.


FreeZone ICO info:

Token: FRZ

Price: 1 FRZ = 0.2 USD

Soft Cap: 10 million USD

Hard Cap: 100 million USD

ICO Start: March 20, 2018

ICO End: April 20, 2018




Quasa is the first decentralized platform for cargo transportation. They aim to solve all the problems logistic systems around the world are currently facing.


QUASA already has a live platform, which is currently being moved to the Blockchain. The platform has an algorithm that provides the organization of cargo transportation all over the world. By introducing the uniform standards and modern logistics solutions, the company aims to drastically reduce the costs by providing the efficient use of geographic prerequisites.


The presale has been completed successfully, and the project has reached soft cap, as expected. Now, the ICO has started. With the excellent leadership, we are sure that the project will really bring value and innovation to the world of cargo transportation.


Quasa ICO info:

Token: QUA

Price: 3000 QUA = 1 ETH

Soft Cap: 600 ETH

Hard Cap: 15623 ETH

ICO Start: February 15, 2018

ICO End: March 26, 2018


Massive Online Gambling (MOG)


MOG is a well-established company looking to bring transparency and fairness to the world of online gambling with the Blockchain technology. By charging a fee per game and marketing, the "house" will enable higher payouts (roughly 90 percent) to the players.


The new platform will also have a new gambling concept "power of the many." This means the more people plays, the better and more rewarding the games become. But the chances of winning never go over 1:100 000, no matter how many players participate.


Also, the token holders are in store for some great ROI, as the company will pay 10 percent of their revenue to the token holders quarterly. Considering the fact they aim to become the biggest online gambling company by 2025. it is quite clear how much money holders can make. Besides that, each token will represent a ticket for quarterly jackpots with 50,000 EUR prize, and yearly jackpot with 1 million EUR prize pool.


MOG BV ICO info:

Token: MOG

Price: 1 MOG = 0.5 EUR

Soft Cap: None - the project will happen no matter what

Hard Cap: 7.5 million EUR

ICO Start: January 17, 2018

ICO End: March 31, 2018




FintechFans ICO is the number one on our list. Why? Because of the exceptional leadership and good business practices which prove their worth.


About FintechFans:


FintechFans is a job-board platform for Fintech professionals, created by Qantani, the well-known Dutch company. After two years in business, the company has decided to take things a step further and create a new Blockchain-based platform. The new platform would allow the development of a Decentralized Marketplace for long-term as well as short-term cooperation between FinTech companies and professionals in the field. The goal is to cut out the middleman, lower the costs, offer a decentralized review system and enable peer-to-peer payments.


What is FintechFans ICO about?


FintechFans have started a token sale in order to fund the development of the platform. The platform is the first marketplace for the Fintech community, which gives it unlimited potential as the industry keeps growing at the fast pace. The reason why this ICO is the number one on our list is the low-risk associated with it, good business practices and strong growth potential on the platform in the future.


FintechFans ICO info:

Token: FINC

Price: 1 FINC = € 1

Soft Cap: 1 million FINC

Hard Cap: 12 million FINC

ICO Pre-sale Start: November 29, 2017

ICO Pre-sale End: March 30, 2018

ICO Sale Start: April 9, 2018

ICO Sale End: April 30, 2018




Smart investing is not about avoiding risks, but taking them intelligently.


Remember, ICOs are not only about technology. When it comes to ICOs and the blockchain, the team behind the project and the community it springs are equally important.


So check these fantastic ICOs and let us know if you have any questions. We are here for you!