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Tigereum Listed on Coinmarketcap

By Fiona
Published over 2 years ago

Darren Olney-Fraser, Founder and CEO of Tigereum, has announced the listing of Tigereum on coinmarketcap.

Coinmarketcap will display the price of Tigereum (TIG) and the exchanges it trades on, and provide details of Tigereum’s Tokens.

About Tigereum

Tigereum is developing smooth customer solutions to securely and easily message money to friends and family by instant message on social media platforms. Mr Olney-Fraser believes crypto needs to be where the customers are, and that is on their mobiles with Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp and Skype.

“Crypto should be at the forefront of sending money through these mediums. I am inspired by how big crypto can become when good customer interfaces make it easy to use by everyone. Mass adoption of crypto is a huge paradigm shift coming our way right now. I want to be a leader in providing good customer interfaces for crypto, so that you don’t have to be an early adopter or computer geek to use it,” he said.

“We will be helping people message money across the world with an easy, low-cost solution on the social media platforms they use every day to connect with friends and family. We will bring together the best of old banking, new crypto and social media into one easy solution.”

Tigereum has released Alpha versions of Tiger Transfer on Facebook and Telegram. In these bots you can use Facebook Messenger or Telegram to message money to friends and family. The link to our Facebook bot is https://m.me/tigereum and the link to our Telegram bot is https://t.me/tigereum_bot

Crypto’s biggest competition comes from social media companies, not the big banks or central banks, because the current battleground is over sending money easily and securely, and that is starting to happen right now on social media platforms. Over the next two years, everyone will be sending money by instant message. Unfortunately crypto developers are not doing anything about this because they have turned their backs on social media, because social media stands for everything crypto does not. In Mr Olney-Fraser’s view, crypto needs to be where the customers are, and that is on their mobiles with Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype.

Tigereum Tokens can be bought on the Coss exchange:

Use Bitcoin https://exchange.coss.io/exchange/tig-btc

Use Ethereum https://exchange.coss.io/exchange/tig-eth