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TheTokener on Mallorca and community token announcement

By Timo
Published over 2 years ago

Mallorca is treating us great and is a very inspiring place and amazing ideas have been coming up left and right. O­­ne of our biggest topic is TheTokener’s community points. We have been talking about it for a while now and by becoming a member you are currently able to receive a number of our community points. At this time you can also write 5 reviews for an extra 500 points!

Community token announcement

Today we are announcing the name of our token which will be GAGE. All the points on TheTokener will become GAGE once released. At first, it will live in our database and in September this year we will release the ERC20 token. Furthermore we are looking at future features we want to add for our community. During our breakout session on Mallorca with our awesome team, we are working hard on new ideas. But nothing beats a large crowd and we want to know your ideas!


So we want to let you earn 100 points/GAGE for sending in your idea about/for TheTokener. Would you like more profile details or maybe an update once new bounties are listed on TheTokener. We are very curious what your ideas are!

Submit your ideas here and receive 100 GAGE!
Don't forget to make an account here and fill all the information so you can claim your GAGE!