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These ICO's will end in March 2018

By Rene
Published over 2 years ago

ICO ends 2018-03-23

An all encompassing platform that allows creatives control their own destiny. At the core, a social network where composers and performers can create their own accounts to advertise themselves, seek out other artists for collabora ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-15

Reporter Community is out to killing fake news through blockchain verifiable, reliable user generated image and video content to the public, media and news agencies. Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-28

Pangea Arbitration Token (PAT) powers the Pangea Jurisdiction. Read more

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ROYAL CAPITAL Blockchain investment fund

ICO ends 2018-03-19

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ICO ends 2018-03-05

Daneel: The first A.I created to help cryptocurrency investors   Our objective With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies moving into the mainstream, access to a responsive and trustworthy source of information has becom ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-25

SOCIAL DISTRIBUTION NETWORK   A platform designed to connect senders and receivers in a completely new manner: no entry barriers, no shipping option limitations and new participants that were never part of regular logistics proc ... Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-11

BergmannOS — new Linux-based OS for mining. BergmannOS performs 24/7 control of devices, informs about failures and automates all possible processes. Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-14

Obizcoin is developing Smart Process BOT for Robotic Process Automation in Startups &amp; SMEs. BOT will be capable of developing and improvising business processes with the help of AI and Ethereum Blockchain Technology.Obizcoin e ... Read more




Valorem Foundation

ICO ends 2018-03-28

Valorem Foundation's VLR token is the utility token for this ever changing platform. Valorem Foundation is developing a unique platform with the following features: Microloans, Student Loans, Car Loans, P2P Networks, Business Inve ...Read more




VRT World

ICO ends 2018-03-27

VRT World is developing a decentralized global platform for virtual reality, which will bring together developers, consumers, and investors in VR sector all across the globe. Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-01

REMME is the Distributed Public Key Infrastructure protocol with a set of DApps for Access Management. 65% of confirmed data breaches involve weak, default, or stolen passwords and cybercrime costs the global economy around $400 b ... Read more

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Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services Inc.

ICO ends 2018-03-01

Today, the largest transportation company in the world owns no cars (Uber), the largest hospitality company on the face of the planet owns no hotels (AirBnB), the largest retailer carries no stock (Alibaba), and the world’s most p ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-08

UTEMIS LLC will introduce a cryptographic utility Token, named UTEMIS (UTS), to decentralize companies’ reputation in Latin America. If small and mid-sized businesses in Latin America have, for the first time ever, the chance to c ...Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-19

Our token is called GOJI and is issued on the Waves Platform.  It will enable holders to book hotels, flights, excursions, holidays and tours through our website as well as purchase a range of mid to high end consumer goods.  The ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-15

RANK - a unique user's reputation based on Blockchain technology! WE HAVE A UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY, WHICH WILL ALLOW YOU TO CHANGE THE RELATIONSHIP ON THE INTERNET BETWEEN PEOPLE! Soon will have its own network Blockchain! Read more




Simdaq Crowdsale

ICO ends 2018-03-08

Simdaq is a platform created for the democratization and development of cryptotrading. Simdaq will not only provide community members with advantage in trading, but also will help trading ecosystem around crypto-currencies to beco ...Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-01

DADI is a global, decentralized cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Unlike existing centralized cloud services, DADI implem ... Read more

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Decentralized News Network

ICO ends 2018-03-09

DNN, or Decentralized News Network, is a blockchain-based political news platform, which combines news creation with decentralized networks to deliver factual content, curated by the community. In light of the influx of fake news ...Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-13

SmartHealthcareToday is the first person-centric decentralized healthcare eco-system integrating and processing health related data collected from different data sources. What is the problem? Currently people usually visit docto ... Read more




Distributed Artificial Intelligence

ICO ends 2018-03-05

DAI is the Future of Artificial Intelligence. It makes use of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to offer a Decentralized, Democratized and Distributed Future of Artificial Intelligence. Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-08

A platform which integrates all of the necessary tools for people to work together on innovative projects, with the ability to use project specific tokens to reward results and incentivize collaboration. Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-22

Unilot is a decentralized gambling platform which allows players to play and host online games like poker tournaments, lottery and many other games. Unilot will be available through mobile apps on OS and Android platforms and tran ...Read more

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SnapCity ICO

ICO ends 2018-03-13

Everybody loves travelling, but it can be hard to see the best sights in cities when time is limited. That's why SnapCity (the latest geo-location iOS and Android built on the blockchain) encourages users to explore the best sight ... Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-07

Serenity is the first blockchain secured marketplace for currency, cryptocurrency and CFD trading.  Serenity aims to unite brokers and traders on a single platform that uses blockchain to ensure the never-seen-before level of pro ...Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-12

Pegasus plans to be one of the leading Anonymous cryptocurrencys giving the users ability to spend and send anywhere in the world with no footprint.  It will all be done the tor/ I2P network with our special Applications. Pegasus ...Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-19

VARcrypt is the world's first blockchain specific hardware agnostic platform designed specifically for VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), legacy content (film, television, music, print, video games) and software applica ... Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-15

VISO is a payment system that combines cryptocurrencies and traditional bank cards and terminals into one ecosystem. We offer you to take part in the pre-ICO VISO, where you can buy VISO tokens Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-29

The Backbone Of Modern Work Agreements Transparent contracts. Drastically reduced overhead costs. And instant payments. Facilitated by Grain’s blockchain solution. Read more

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Bits Diamond

ICO ends 2018-03-15

Bits Diamond Wallet Bits Diamond wallet, a decentralized stage bolstered by the blockchain technology where digital &amp; virtual currencies are acknowledged and exchanged far and wide. The clients can likewise exchange the local ...Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-14

Driven by blockchain technology, Play2Live creates an ecosystem for streamers, viewers, tournament organizers, and product/service partners. Play2Live introduces a unique mixture of 15 interactive features and monetizing tools for ...Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-25

BITRACE INVESTMENTS LTD is a British investment company based in London, UK, which is a member of KJ Holdings Corp. The company is in process of developing the Tunisia Racing F1 City project, this project consists in building an ... Read more

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Arcona - Augmented Reality Ecosystem powered by Blockchain

ICO ends 2018-03-25

A Blockchain Powered Ecosystem merging together real and virtual worlds worldwide creating augmented reality layer -  The Digital Land Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-25

Decentralised P2P platform for cryptocurrency to fiat money exchange without intermediaries, based on smart contract The key element of STREAMITY is StreamDesk, a decentralized application for exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat m ...Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-15

Consumption Becomes Profit A consumption based mining process that distributes dividends in real time A cryptocurrency to distribute dividends in real time supported by and specifically designed to work hand in hand with mainstr ... Read more

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European Crypto Bank

ICO ends 2018-03-19

European Crypto Bank is building a Crypto Bank and Trading Platform for Cryptos and FIAT and offering Tax Assistance over the Blockchain, Cryptos/Tokens Rating, Analysis and Wealth Management Services. French, Italian and English ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-18

eGold is a new digital currency for eSports betting, based on the Ethereum blockchain. eGold aims to unify eSports betting enthusiasts all around the world by offering an easy, quick, and secure alternative for betting on their fa ... Read more

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ADAMANT Messenger

ICO ends 2018-03-30

  ADAMANT is the most secure and anonymous messenger, encrypted with Blockchain. ADAMANT Business is the project enhancement to transfer and digitally sign documents within a Blockchain. Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-14

  AdHive will be the first AI-controlled Influencer Marketing platform with Blockchain technological solutions. The AdHive platform fully automates all steps of interaction with influencers in order to save a huge amount of time ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-25

  Helveticoin is an ERC-20 based cryprocurrency used as digital asset on and for the first blockchain based crowdfunding platform made in Switzerland. Helveticoin Foundation wants to build a platform that allows entrepreneurs and ... Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-01

Synthestech is a scientific research center engaged in technology development for synthesis of precious metals and valuable isotopes. Technology Cold Transmutation (LENR) of chemical elements – is a breakthrough, innovative tech ...Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-21

WaterTech - AFFORDABLE CLEAN WATER FOR EVERYONE UNDER THE SUN We invest in innovative water technologies,  Tethys desalination and water treatment plant is based on a technological breakthrough which enables the construction of l ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-15

The U-Truck system is a global logistics platform that integrates consignors and freight carriers in one application.This project is designed to create a new ecosystem in the market of road freight services.The U-Truck system will ... Read more




ICO ends 2018-03-08

KWHCoin is a blockchain-based community, ecosystem and cryptocurrency backed by units of clean, renewable energy. Physical units of kWh energy are leveraged from multiple sources including smart meters, sensor readings and green b ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-29

JoyToken is committed to deliver smarter games to existing and new casino players by giving innovative and creative games developers easy access to operators in our one-stop solution. JoyToken delivers this in four easy steps: ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-30

CacaoShares is a digital asset that enables anyone to own cacao trees of the criollo type in sur del lago VenezuelaAbout the projectProblem:90% of the world’s Cacao used mainly for chocolate manufacturing, comes from tiny farms of ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-16

Coinvest is the world’s first decentralized stock market for cryptocurrencies. Coinvest empowers anyone to virtually invest in individual or a curated index of cryptonized assets through one coin. Coinvest is creating a future whe ... Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-15

Handelion is a revolutionary blockchain ecosystem for co-funded trade. Smart cooperation algorithms enclosed in digital contract functionality allow any business to benefit from it:- investors fund small and medium enterprises to ...Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-29

KickCity is a Y combinator startup school Alumnus and one of the companies leading innovation in the $40B event marketing industry using blockchain technology.We propose a socially viral model for event marketing, where the vendor ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-05

Bitpaction, the first intelligent digital asset exchange What is bitpaction Now the block chain is in the preliminary development stage, it has already been updated to version 3.0 from 2.0, but the conventional exchanges still r ... Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-01

A Decentralized Lead Sharing Network LeadCoin empowers businesses to sell their unused leads and buy hot leads from other businesses. Sellers automatically share their unused leads in real-time. LeadCoin’s matching algorithm the ... Read more

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Vice Industry Token

ICO ends 2018-03-20

Why use VIT instead of another cryptocurrency (or even fiat currency)? The VIT protocol’s unique feature is the creation and distribution of tokens to all stakeholders in the adult content industry that serve both as proof of enga ... Read more

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Origami Network

ICO ends 2018-03-23

Origami Network is an all-in-one decentralized marketplace platform that solves several existing problems related to online marketplace development and maintenance, escrow payments, and reviews. The Origami Network is based on thr ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-16

Agrivita is a new view of agriculture in Russia. Our team use our scientific methods in organic agriculture according to European certificate. We present back-esset tokens provided by the firm's organic products. All products will ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-12

Synapse is creating the world’s first decentralized data and intelligence marketplace of researchers, trainers, processors, and contractors that can be accessed programmatically at any time.SYN (Synapse) is the official cryptocurr ... Read more




Global ICO Fund

ICO ends 2018-03-02

Global ICO Fund - The Future of InvestingOur Crowdfunding stage is now open!The Global ICO Fund is a way to diversify your risk and gain more exposure to the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. The fund is specialised in ICOs and ... Read more




Nimbus Token

ICO ends 2018-03-27

Nimbus Token allows brick and mortar businesses to sell and trade their goods and services via cryptocurrency and the blockchain.  "The product is unique in the fact that it allows any type of business to issue their own token to ... Read more

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Reference Line Coin

ICO ends 2018-03-28

Anybody who receives or sends a lot of money from their cryptocurrency wallet will know this problem. You have no idea where the money actually comes from. The good old reference line known from traditional bank transfers is not a ... Read more




Reales Coin

ICO ends 2018-03-08

Reales coin is the first truly cryptocurrency. That merges the Real world with the Digital. By being back of physical gold and silver, bitcoin and other major altcoins. A real foundation to protect and grow your wealth! Read more

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Clickgem Project

ICO ends 2018-03-12

We are a new type of digital money called cryptocurrency that is going to change the way of global-payment in the future. ClickGem is a decentralized self-regulated financial payment network created for users that want to be inde ...Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-09

Savedroid creates a unique AI-fuelled ecosystem of crypto saving and investing for the masses. Read more

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sharder protocol

ICO ends 2018-03-23

Today’s world is a data-driven society. The development of information technology and smart life brings explosion in the data growth. On one hand, the growth in storage capacity lags far behind that of data so that the demand for ... Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-26

Tradershub is creating a platform that will provide a powerful single point of interaction with the cryptocurrency markets. By blending sophisticated engineering with an elegant user experience and crowdsourced intelligence, we ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-15

FRESCO is a blockchain art trust distribution network. FRESCO allows art collectors, dealers, organizations to display their collection strength as well as evaluating that of others. FRESCO tokens (FRES) represents the trust each ... Read more





ICO ends 2018-03-24

We are TV-TWO, the Blockchain-based answer for television. TV-TWO eliminates the gatekeeper status of TV networks and prevents tech giants like Google and Facebook from owning the medium in the future. The open platform surroundin ... Read more

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SpaceTrump to the Moon

ICO ends 2018-03-25

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ICO ends 2018-03-21

Friendz connects companies to people willing to provide support in the generation of advertising contents directly posted on their personal social media profiles. Users involved in this peer-to-peer communication process get rewar ...Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-15

BitClassic (B2C) is a digital currency that can be sent between people over the internet. BitClassic (B2C) stays true to the original vision of cryptocurrency: a financial system owned by its users, the people’s coin. BitClassic ( ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-16

Blockscart is a revolutionary online marketplace powered by Blockchain technology.The evolution of the online store and shopping experience that will have at launch over 2 million products from our worldwide dropshipping suppliers ...Read more

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Loyakk Vega

ICO ends 2018-03-22

Loyakk is a blockchain-enabled Business Relationship Platform that enables enterprises (or companies) to engage with their network of business partners with greater security, efficiency and governance. With Loyakk, businesses can ...Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-30

Devnetwork creates global professional network, HR tool, community engagement, event management and large-scale professional database. Devnetwork is building on top of Devcamp platform which let every stakeholder in tech industrie ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-29

Noxbox - blockchain service that allows you to obtain the service you need in the right place at fair price and at convenient time with a single click. Services market – massage, haircuts, manicure, food delivery, repair and const ...Read more

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APR Coin

ICO ends 2018-03-13

APR Coin is masternode investment coin that delivers key documentation and information, such as an official Roadmap and White Paper, from its inception. The APR Team believes professionalism, integrity and trust are the 3 pillars ...Read more

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AgroTechFarm (ATF) Token

ICO ends 2018-03-24

The aim of the project is to initiate the mass production of indoor ATF home farming appliances for North American customers. ATF farms secure the automated growth of cannabis, tomatoes, cucumbers and many more plants. This reaps ... Read more

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Morpheus Network

ICO ends 2018-03-11

The world economy relies on fast, efficient, international importing and exporting. However, running a global supply chain business contains various inefficiencies:Document storage and transfer to comply with local regulations.Tra ...Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-30

On 29 January, WAWLLET launched an ICO for up to 89 million of its WIN Tokens, at $3 USD per Token, including a reservation of $35m USD worth of Tokens for issuance (with a lock-in period of up to 18 months), pursuant to an agreem ... Read more




Fast Access Blockchain

ICO ends 2018-03-25

Our Fast Access Blockchain platform will be the first enterprise-grade blockchain application platform that breaks through the scalability barrier employing innovations including KanBan, SCAR and CCUA.  It is built from the ground ...Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-07

EtherJack is a jackpot game, based in the Ethereum blockchain. The rules are simple: there's a massive jackpot, and people are placing bids to claim it, within allowed time after the last bid. If no bid comes, the last to claim g ... Read more

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ICO ends 2018-03-20

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