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The largest decentralized platform for travelers is preparing an ICO

By Andrei
Published over 2 years ago

ROOMDAO is a platform where any traveler can immediately, in just 1 minute, choose the perfect accommodation, book a car, book a tour, check out the local restaurant and bars lists and learn about famous and most interesting sights. In addition, the application first-hand and without fees allow you to significantly reduce your travel expenses due to the lack of commissions and intermediaries.


What is ROOMDAO?

ROOMDAO is an online platform for travel all-in-one.

This integration of such services as:

- Rent and exchange of real estate

- Rent of all available vehicles

- Booking of excursions, selection of guides

- The largest list of all sights, bars, and restaurants with decentralized ratings 

- Access to all insurance companies for instant registration of a tourism policy

- And also the largest tourist information portal with all the information necessary for the traveler.


Companies such as Airbnb have already proved that the traditional hotel business is obsolete, but huge commissions significantly increase travel costs. ROOMDAO goes further and unites areas that have never been beaten before. Thanks to the use of BlockChain technology, ROOMDAO includes the latest standards in the field of security of user data storage, objective, rather than “twisted” ratings of service providers, a convenient payment system and, most importantly, using smart contracts, fulfillment of obligations among all participants of the tourism market.

Today’s globalized society needs sites where supply and demand will meet without intermediaries, where hospitality and tourism services can be provided without fees and where users can easily create any communities of interest. The ROOMDAO platform enables all providers of tourism services to directly contact their customers.


ICO tourist industry

In May 2018, the ROOMDAO project begins pre-selling the RDC tokens. A total of 60,000,000 Roomcoin (RDC) will be released. Of which only 39.6 million will be realized during the ICO. Only 12 000 000 RDC tokens lest for PUBLIC SALE! All unsold tokens will be burned, and only the token-holders will be able to use them later or sell them inside the platform or on crypto exchanges. 


Benefits of tokens are:

- Access to the platform and its full list of services

- Easy exchange of any crypto and fiat currencies within the platform 

- Easy-to-Pay 

- Execution of the terms of the smart contract

- The increase in the value of the token as the number of participants in the platform increases and the services      provided


Official site www.roomdao.io 

Telegram chat: https://t.me/roomdao_chat