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SupplyBloc Launches Blockchain-Integrated Network: The Future of Supply Chain Management

By Alexander
Published over 2 years ago

Las Vegas, NV, May 8, 2018 – SupplyBloc, a blockchain-integrated software solution that revolutionizes traditional supply chain management worldwide, announces its commercial debut. This network streamlines the supply chain for the good of entrepreneurs, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and customers.

“SupplyBloc is the most important milestone of its kind because it eliminates the weakest links that threaten to weaken the supply chain altogether. By removing these links, thereby narrowing the points of connection throughout this process, we end the costs that retailers absorb and then pass along to consumers in the form of higher prices,” says Robert McNulty, Co-Founder and CEO of SupplyBloc. “Our debut is a chance for the public to see the features we offer and the benefits users can enjoy.”

Transparency and Tracking: Access to the entire supply chain, in which nothing is opaque and oversight is absolute.

Smart Contracts: Sign and place electronic contracts within an immutable ledger for every transaction.

Audits and Real-Time Communication: Know the whereabouts and status of goods and services from the convenience of a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Security: Protection by way of the blockchain network itself, which is free of the vulnerabilities that plague traditional methods of supply chain management.

Success: An end-to-end means of initiating and completing transactions, where every account ensures everyone is accountable for the timely completion of tasks.

McNulty adds, “Our services have international appeal because the insights we produce are not possible with conventional supply management tools. We leverage the strength of the blockchain to simplify the relationship involving vendors, distributors, and retailers. The end result is greater access and accountability between all parties to a transaction.”


About SupplyBloc

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, SupplyBloc is a blockchain-integrated solution that provides complete transparency, tracking, and optimization of every activity within a supply chain network. By combining the power of the blockchain with innovative technology, SupplyBloc revolutionizes the way small to medium-sized businesses approach supply chain management. For more information, visit www.supplybloc.io Or view them on TheTokener here