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Singer akon to build real life wakanda with cryptocurrency

Singer Akon to Build Real-Life Wakanda With Cryptocurrency

By Stefan Filipović
Published over 2 years ago

Every exiting innovation has its target audience. That is usually an enthusiastic group of people that follow news and any improvements of given technology daily. They are very dedicated, but there is a small number of them. Because of that, it is really hard to kickstart any global changes. Basically, blockchain and cryptocurrencies need more people in the community in order to work.

One of the ways to gain the public following is to get support from celebrities. This is exactly what happened recently when popular singer Akon announced his plans to build a real-life crypto city in Senegal. This is amazing for the crypto community as the project may bring a lot of public following. This could bring amazing publicity for crypto space which could be a game changer in the months to come.

Wakanda Dreams May Come True

As BBC reports, Akon is about to release a new cryptocurrency, AKoin, called after himself. He revealed this novelty in a speech he held at the Cannes Lions Festival on June 18th. His plans also include a brand new mobile application which he hopes will be on everyone’s phones by December.

Following this cryptocurrency release, Akon is hoping to build a “crypto city” near the capital city of Senegal, Dakar. Akon describes this future city as “a real-life Wakanda”. Of course, this city is alluding to a fictional city of Wakanda, in a Marvel’s box office hit Black Panther.

Allegedly, Akon is gifted 2,000 acres of land (the equivalent of 2,000 football fields), by the president of Senegal. The city will, not surprisingly, be named after Akon. He describes the city as the first 100% crypto-based city in the world. In the center of city's transactional life will be newly created AKoin.

In this "AKoin Ecosystem" consumers are going to be able to do every financial transaction involving AKoin from their phones. They will be able to spend AKoins and buy stuff with it in Akon city.

It seems as though Akon motivations are going further from technological innovations. Akon also stated that he hopes that this financial ecosystem will bring power back to the people. He spoke about government keeping people down, and he feels like this new city will free the people from the governments.

He also admitted that he doesn't know anything about technical aspects of these projects, but he will gladly leave that to the experts, or in his words, he will "let the geeks figure it out".


The idea of creating a crypto-powered "real-life Wakanda" is an extremely bold one. It will take a lot of hard work and careful planning to pull it off. Good thing is that Akon seems very confident about the realization of the project. Also, it is a great thing that he has a great support from the president of Senegal and local authorities. If everything goes to the plan this might be an amazing achievement for Senegal, Africa and also for the crypto community.


What do you think about this interesting project? Do you think it has a potential to become a game-changer in the crypto community? Share your opinion in the comments.