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Silicon Valley TV Show To Feature ICO

By Niels
Published over 2 years ago

The tv show Silicon valley, which is about a Silicon Valley engineer trying to build his own company called Pied Piper, will touch upon ICO’s in the upcoming episode as teased by HBO in This Promo for the episode. The tv show did talk about ethereum and bitcoin last season, but it looks like they are dipping into cryptocurrencies once more by talking about Initial Coin Offerings.


Earlier in the season, Richard (the owner of Pied Piper) helped the CEO Laurie Bream by letting her use a big part of the Pied Piper network. The group sees the error in their ways and are looking for a way out of the deal. But it turns out the costs for that would be $1.6 Million, so the group needs to find a way to get funding.


They seek the advice of crypto-enthusiast Gilfoyle, who directs them to Russ Hanneman.

“You want an alternative to Laurie Bream? Well, it’s Pied Piper Coin”

In the promo it is revealed that Russ started 36 ICO’s only to fail all of them.


At the time of writing, the episode has not aired yet. But we at TheTokener will no doubt write a follow-up article about our impressions and thoughts about the episode.