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RightMesh ICO – Everything You Need To Know

By Manmeet
Published almost 3 years ago

RightMesh, located in Canada, has developed and prospered under its parent company which is a certified B corporation. RightMesh was originally co-founded by Chris Jensen and John Lyotier in 2015. It is actually a decentralized mobile mesh networking platform that puts the power of connectivity right into the hands of the people itself.

How RightMesh Works?

The main components of the infrastructure are the Android smartphones. 

As a first step other user’s devices or applications are discovered automatically. A patent pending switching technology is used for routing as well as maintaining data integrity. 

During discovery when the other node is found they will remain connected with each other. This way a new mesh is formed which further can be joined and shared by new people thus further fuelling the mesh’s growth. 

An Ethereum ID is associated with each mesh node. This Ethereum blockchain is implemented to provide exclusive and unique identities to each node. Peer-to-peer connectivity is achieved with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct which are already present on almost every Android smartphones.  

So, if one node has connectivity then all the attached nodes can access online services and other different global meshes. These networks are self-forming, self-monitoring as well as self-healing. 

With the aim to give e-commerce capabilities to the network, the usage is incentivized by providing the users with MESH tokens as rewards. These MESH tokens can later be used for buying and selling digital goods and services across the network thus promoting the growth of the entire network. 

When will an ICO take place? 

As of now, there is no information as to when an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the MESH Tokens will take place. 

What is the benefit of the new switching technology offered under RightMesh? 

The new patent pending switching technology ensures high-speed communication even if the data has to pass through multiple nodes. This is done by converting each RightMesh node from a client to a hotspot and vice-versa. Hence the data transmits effortlessly from the sender node to the destination node. This concept has also drastically reduced the occurrence of signal drops. 

Benefits of RightMesh ICO 

• RightMesh is highly dependable as even if all your connectivity components fail. In simple words, RightMesh will always connect.

• There are no charges for the usage of this service. It is absolutely free to connect.

• Connectivity reaches every point or region through this technology. 

Future Prospects 

With the successful implementation of RightMesh users have to no longer be dependent on a centralized access point for networking. This decentralized mesh of consistently switching clients and hotspots is capable enough to give way to large-scale interconnected networks providing ultra-high levels of connectivity. 

This networking platform can be easily integrated and deployed into applications and could bring about a revolution in data transfer.