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Rene van pelt to join supplybloc as advisor

Rene van Pelt To Join Supplybloc as Advisory Team Member

By SupplyBloc Technology
Published over 2 years ago

SupplyBloc is excited to announce the recent addition of Rene van Pelt to their Advisory team. As a veteran in the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities, Rene will undoubtedly be providing invaluable guidance for our project. Rene is a Dutch entrepreneur who can effectively negotiate the realms between marketing, technology, and finance. SupplyBloc is eager to learn and grow with Rene onboard.

“SupplyBloc is eager and excited to have Rene onboard due to his extensive and versatile knowledge of blockchain from both a technical and business/marketing perspective. We feel that Rene, as a professional analyst, marketer, and purveyor of cryptocurrency, will be able to quickly point out our strengths and weaknesses. His criticism and affirmations will inevitably help SupplyBloc grow into a stronger, more agile, and lasting entity within the exciting and rapidly developing space of blockchain tech.” — Robert McNulty (Co-founder and CEO of SupplyBloc)

A bit about Rene…

Rene has been active in tech, marketing, and business development roles throughout the blockchain industry since early 2011. He got his start as a professional software developer at a Payment Service Provider (PSP) by the name of Qantani, the first licensed PSP that processed Bitcoin payments. Later, Rene co-founded Panache, a software development company in The Netherlands, specializing in blockchain tech and cryptocurrency. By 2016, Rene transitioned into business development as a co-owner of a marketing software backend services for enterprises called Burnie.

Since then, Rene has continued to leverage his technical know-how and early blockchain development knowledge to create uniquely suited tech-marketing positions within the crypto-community. In April 2017, Rene became the Token Sale Marketing Officer of FintechFans, an ongoing ICO project. This was the first real integration of marketing and blockchain that perfectly coalesced to meet Rene’s skillset.

A few months after the initial launch of FintechFans, Rene co-founded TheTokener, an ICO and Token sale directory. TheTokener offers reports, analysis, news, and marketing tips for both potential investors and businesses hoping to launch an ICO/STO.

“I decided that a permanent role on SupplyBloc’s advisory board was a no-brainer after a series of close discussions about the different movements in the crypto market and the best way for SupplyBloc to position themselves in this rapidly changing world. The team and I clicked from the start and I truly believe that there’s a lot of potential in this project. I’m looking forward to spreading the word and helping as much as possible.” — Rene van Pelt