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Proof of toss

Proof of TOSS: How they are bringing trust in the betting industry.

By Fiona
Published over 2 years ago

Blockchain technology is quickly gaining acceptance in the mainstream with a number of industries such as financial industry already adopting the technology.  Among other industries that are already enjoying the benefits of blockchain includes the betting and gambling industry. Already, there is a number of blockchain based platforms that are aiming to modernize and improve the efficiency of the gaming platforms. Proof of TOSS is one of them.

What is Proof of TOSS?

Proof of TOSS is a decentralised betting platform that is aiming to take the industry to the next level. The objective of the platform is to address chronic challenges ailing the gambling industry by using RKS blockchain to modernize it. One of the major problems is the trust and cost. Everyone from the operator has put their trust in a number of people in the system thus making the transaction expensive since everyone wants a cut. But with Proof of TOSS, all these issues will be a thing of past.

How does Proof of TOSS Work?

The platform will be using RKS blockchain technology to bring decentralisation, reliability, flexibility and trust in the betting industry. The network works by allowing users to create wagers, bet, and judge. Proof of TOSS will also be using smart contracts to create events and wagers and also store events, judging, event deposits and bets for every wager. That is the platform will help to address the issue of trust and cost.

Proof of TOSS Token

TOSS is the native token that will be used on the Proof of TOSS Network. It is an ERC20 based token. It is the currency or the fuel that users will be using to transact (create wagers, place bets and vote on results) on the ecosystem. Therefore, you will need to buy the token so as to transact on the platform.

ICO Sale

Currently, the ICO private presale is almost closing, and thus the next big thing is the token sale. According to the company, the token sale will take place between April 24, 2018, and June 24, 2018. The company is planning to release an approximate of 1 billion tokens, but only 700,000,000 will be available for sale. The cost will be an equivalent of 10 000 TOSS for 1 ETH.

Proof of TOSS Whitelist

This is good news for TOSS investors. The whitelist is now open, and the company is awarding 1000 TOSS to the first 10,000 participants joining the whitelist.


Proof of TOSS is a highly potent blockchain-based platform that will change the batting industry for the better. Upon completion and going live, this will be a game changer in the betting platform. It is one of the betting projects to watch in 2018.

Check out this Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uxq1lllwJ04