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Pocketinns Umbrella Project: decentralized online marketplace

By Manmeet
Published almost 3 years ago

With an aim to bring about effortless transactions between a seller and a consumer in a decentralized online marketplace the Pocketinns Umbrella Project is set to bring a revolution in the segment of the online marketplace. The online marketplace will include everything ranging from travel, car rentals, real estate, e-commerce and various other provisions all operating under a single roof of one single decentralized ecosystem. All the transactions between a buyer and a seller will be done in Pocketinns very own internal ‘Pinns’ currency maintained by its own financial system.

Since this online marketplace is decentralized it will be operated, governed and controlled by its own community. The Pocketinns project will also work for developing an Application Programming Interface for its members giving a convenient way to sellers to add their goods and services online and ease of buying for the consumers.

What are the lists of marketplaces included in Pocketinns?

1.    Hospitality: This will serve as an alternative travel and accommodation platform with hosts of different features to help both sellers as well as buyers. This project is now live in the form of Pocketinns 1.0.

2.    Pocketinns 2.0 Travel: This will include car rental system which will give user the ability to rent a car, use it and drop it at a convenient place by just using your mobile phone.

3.   Pocketinns 3.0 Transportation: This will serve as a single decentralized platform for the community of drivers and riders.

4.   Pocketinns 4.0 Shared Workspaces: This service will give the consumers convenient access to shared workspaces across different locations.

5.     Pocketinns 5.0 Shopping: As clear from the name this platform will serve all the shopping needs of a consumer as they will be able to buy all kinds of goods and services at wholesale rates.

6.  Pocketinns 6.0 Real Estate: Those interested in buying, selling or renting a property will be served under this marketplace. Even access to financing and insurance will be provided by the PINNS financial network.

7.    Pocketinns 6.0 Automotive: Everything ranging from pre-owned cars, new cars will be available. Buyers can contact the respective dealers over the API and even PINNS financial network will give more facilities like car financing and car insurance.

8.    Pocketinns 7.0 Others: This version will include marketplaces like legal, shipping, logistics, insurance and healthcare services. Also, it will give a provision for the internal community to get connected with external developers, entrepreneurs, and organizations for getting the needed services at a minimal cost.

How the above marketplaces will be supported?

·       Data Storage: Use of decentralized cloud storage systems based on new blockchain standards.

·       Professional Community Network: An internal community network will be built to manage dashboards, share news and videos and even handle transactions as well as legal and identity issues.

·    PINNS One – Financial Network & Services: This system will make sure the smooth flow of transactions within the Pocketinns network. This financial service will be unique, exclusive and solely for the Pocketinns community.

Pocketinns ICO Details

ICO Start Date: 15th January 2018.

ICO End Date: 31st January 2018.

Accepted Currency: ETH

Hard Cap: $ 46 Million USD

A total of 150 Million PINNS tokens will be created out of which 40% will be available for community mining.

The price of PINN token will be announced soon.

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