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Mossland ICO: How they will result in a paradigm shift in the real estate world.

By Fiona
Published over 2 years ago

Blockchain technology has continued to flex its muscles into the mainstream. Although the most focus is on the financial industry, other industries are quickly joining the bandwagon.  Among the new beneficiary of this technology is the real estate. Various new blockchain based platforms are promising to streamline this industry by improving its efficiency. Mossland is among the most promising platforms.

What is Mossland?

Mossland blockchain-based real estate-centric, location-based augmented reality mobile gaming platform. With this game, players are allowed to add real properties in the to the platform’s virtual world for advertisement and trading. That means members can buy and sell properties on this platform using cryptocurrencies. What is even interesting about this blockchain powered gaming platform is the fact that players (members of the community) can view places, buildings, and landmarks around them and the entire world in clear, crisp and real manner.

How Mossland Works

Mossland is developed as a gaming app but a blockchain based app. But as a real estate-centric app, it makes it easy for real estate companies to advertise and transact on its network. All that is needed is cryptocurrency (Moss Coin) to close the deal. The blockchain technology holds the network together by securing the ownership of the properties. The technology is also used in splitting the advertising revenues via the smart contracts. 

In addition to mixing augmented reality with location-based check-ins, the gaming app also includes an in-game advertising network where players can make revenue through advertisements. That means players can make some good money out of this gaming platform.

What Makes Mossland Different from The Rest?

Various factors have made Mossland unique from the real estate-centric platforms. First, the platform offers location-based augmented reality features. That is possible due to the increased functionality of the GPS. Now users can view properties on their personal devices without the need to visit the site. That is what Mossland is providing but in a virtual world.

Second, it offers accessory and property auction house features. With Mossland, players can buy, sell, and exchange tradable properties through its in-game auction house. All they need is moss coin to trade. Third and last is a P2P advertisement. Mossland platform enables players to create and run advertising campaigns via a simple in-game interface.


Although Mossland is in its initial stages, there is no doubt that its success will result in a paradigm shift in the real estate world. The project is creatively done to ensure that everyone wins at the end of the day. The ICO open on March 21st, 2018 until 17th April 2018.  It is an excellent ICO to give a try.

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