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MoneyToken ICO: Borrow liquid funds intantly

By Fiona
Published over 2 years ago

Digital currency is a big deal right now. In fact, it is one area where most people are opting to invest in due to its high ROI. However, there are several challenges that make it difficult for the crypto traders to enjoy the benefits cryptocurrency market. For instance, traders only need to buy and hold their tokens to reap in the future growth of the currency. A good example is the early Bitcoin traders. They never got to enjoy the explosion that we experienced last year. But things are now changing, and MoneyToken is at the centre of this revolution.

What is MoneyToken?

MoneyToken is a platform that allows traders to borrow liquid funds instantly. With this platform, users can get loans based on the current value of the cryptocurrency. The platform is meant to help traders to trade without the need to lose their investment in their crypto assets.

How Does MoneyToken work?

The working mechanism of the MoneyToken is straightforward. The main object is to enable crypto traders to traders to continue trading without the losing the value of their initial tokens. It addresses the issue of selling their cryptocurrency (BTC or ETH) whenever they need stable currency or cash. With this platform, the traders can borrow liquid funds which are collateralised by the volatile currency such as Bitcoin in its current form.

 For instance, you can use 100 BTC as collateral. In return, the trader will receive the agreed loan in amount in a stable currency.  After repaying the loan, the trader will receive the whole collateral back regardless of the current value. That means they will get 100 BTC even if the value of the collateral has multiple times.

MoneyToken Token 

IMT is the native token that is used in the MoneyToken ecosystem. It is the currency that is used to fuel transactions or exchanges on the MoneyToken network. Therefore developers will need to buy the tokens to trade on the platform.


The token sale for IMT is currently underway. The private sale started on February 7 and ended March 21, 2018. The presale started on March 22 to April while the Token sale will start on May 2 to June 5, 2018.

Roadmap and Future

MoneyToken is expected to launch before the end of 2018. There is a capable team behind the network led by Alex Rass and Jerome MacGillivray. Upon the success of the platform, it will be a breakthrough in the digital currency market. It is a great project to watch and invest in.

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