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MinerOne ICO: How they are making mining simple and automatic.

By Timo
Published over 2 years ago

Although bitcoin is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the market, mining it is not easy. The current mining protocol, popular known to many as PoW (proof-of-work), is extremely difficult. It requires the miner to have powerful software and to solve complex problems. But this may never be the same again. A new bitcoin mining project is promising to make the mining quite simple and automatic. Its name is Miner One or Mio.

What is Miner One?

Miner One is on cutting edge, crowdfunded bitcoin mining operation that is promising to more coins at minimal cost and time. A team of data center experts is running the operation. Upon completion, it will be one of the most advanced mining equipment that consumes little amount of electricity thus leading to profit for all community members. The Idea behind the project is to build a mining center and share the spoils or the output of the centers transparently suing Ethereum based smart contracts.

How Does Miner One Work?

Everything on Minor One Ecosystem revolves the use the token or the currency called MIO. That is what proves the ownership or membership of the community. Each token is a unit by itself, and the amount of profits that you get from the mining centers is dependent on the number of tokens that you have. But you can increase the number of the token by buying on various exchanges since the tokens are Ethereum based.

However, due to the longevity issues of the mining hardware, no token is expected to last more than two years. But investors will have already recouped their money back anyway. According to the team, a token purchased for $1 will provide bitcoin worth $1.8 to $3.07.

The Team 

Minor One project is being constructed and managed by group highly experienced individuals. These are people who have been in this industry decade. Here are key members of the team.

Pranas Slušnys


Leading the park is the Pranas Slušnys as the CEO and co-founder. He has more than 2 decades of experience in the IT&T business and data center construction and management with reputable companies such as RackRay, EastTrave, Salonium, Delfi and Hostex among other companies. 

Jonas Udris and Andrius Mironovskis


They are also co-founders and boasts of 10+ years of experience In their respective fields.


Minor One Roadmap

The company has a very elaborate roadmap, and the will have the project functional at the end of 2018. Here is the roadmap:

2018 February: Crowd ICO sale

2018 June: First mining equipment block purchased, installed and placed in operation

2018 June: B-Wallet for Android, iOS, and desktop launched 

2018 September: Second mining equipment block purchased, installed and placed in operation

2018 October: Launch of Miner One payment card to the community members.


This is an ambitious project that is promising good results to investors. By simplifying the mining process, it means for coins than before. With Bitcoin prices predicted to hit $100,000 in 2018, Minor One is definitely a project to invest.

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