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MiCars: A Smart Car Rental Service to give out ERC20 based token

By Manmeet
Published almost 3 years ago

MiCars is bringing innovation and revolution to car rental industry by combining it with the new blockchain technology.

It plans to offer hire full options vehicles 24/7 using a mobile application. In the current scenario, so much precious time is wasted when hiring a self-drive car through a rental agency as so many formalities are required to be fulfilled before getting the keys. But things will be different in case of MiCars as it aims to make the car hiring experience easy, convenient and ultra-fast.

How MiCars Works?

- Usually, the time user spends at a car-rental agency is much beyond than expected due to all the needed checks and formalities which one has to fulfill before taking the car out for its intended purpose. Not only much of the time is wasted in hiring but an equivalent amount of time is spent when the car is brought for return.

- Using the MiCars mobile application everything is done remotely from the comfort and convenience of one’s home or office right from registering as a customer, selecting the vehicle with the required insurance, taking the vehicle for the drive and returning it afterward. The application boasts of an ultra-performing GPS.

- Just before 1 hour of the hire time, a notification is received with a virtual key. The virtual key uses NFC technology and is required to unlock the vehicle which will be present at the MiCars station near you.

- The engine key is available inside the car itself.

- Payments for the hired cars are accepted through MiCars (MCR) tokens, which is a cryptocurrency issued through ETH ERC-20 blockchain. The mobile application will facilitate purchasing the MiCars tokens through a separate secured area for the same.

- The MiCars tokens will allow the consumers to sign a long-term hire in the near future.

- Payments by bank card are also accepted for making the entire process consumer friendly and easy.

- Return procedure is simplified too as the inspection is carried out by clicking photos, as necessary, by the consumer through his/her smartphone.

MiCars ICO Roadmap

The company has already raised 1.5 million Euros through private investors and need an additional funding of 4.5 million Euros for the project. The first step is to set up MiCars stations with 10 cars each which will be increased later on.

Till now the company has issued 22.5 million MiCars tokens (MCR) at the rate of 0.20 Euros each. MCR tokens are readily available for purchase on the following dates:-

Pre-ICO Round 1:

Start Date: 29th December 2017

End Date: 05th January 2018

1 Ether = 2591.3381 MCR

Pre-ICO Round 2:

Start Date: 06th January 2018

End Date: 12th January 2018

1 Ether = 2429.3779 MCR


Start Date: 13th January 2018

End Date: 13th February 2018

1 Ether = 1941.0503 MCR

Other Details

Token Name: MiCars

Decimals: 18

Symbol: MCR

The application’s development will commence in January 2018.

The company has planned to deliver vehicles to MiCars stations in France/Germany/England/Canada /Belgium/Switzerland by March 2018.

A long-term hire proposal for customers is planned for September 2018.

By the end of May 2019, this innovative car rental solution will be available in Russia as well as the United States of America.