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Lympo ICO - Monetizing Sports and Health Data via Blockchain

By Manmeet
Published almost 3 years ago

Lympo is a blockchain technology backed by user-produced and user-administered health and fitness data. The users are using the mobile applications to derive the health-related information. But as the data has a crucial value for both the health-care providers and individuals, it should not be used in a casual manner.

According to the research, 3.2 million mobile health applications were installed by users in 2016. Therefore at the Lympo platform, the individuals are authorized to share the data and earn the money in a proper way. Lympo was developed by ADA JOUNSE to provide the framework to health-conscious individuals and professionals to interact with each other.


Components of Lympo ICO

·       Lympo Base: The core areas on which all the statistics and algorithms reside which then further evaluates the data and issue the transactions.

·        Advanced Packaging Tool: All the interfaces and programmes are compiled together to provide the authorization to the individuals and organizations.

·       Data Storage: The information and data uploaded by users are stored on the data storage platform. It is only linked with the Lympo base ecosystem to facilitate the confidentiality of the individuals.

·         Individual’s Interface: The command line interface is the main gateway for users to institute and regulate their Lympo accounts.

The bases on which Lympo carries out transactions are as follows-

·         Lympo wallet: It is the base of the Lympo system as it appreciates the fitness professionals and individuals for their outstanding accomplishments. Professionals and individuals are rewarded in terms of LYM tokens.

·         Lympo selling forum: The platform where the products and services are accessible to users gives them a chance to interact with one another.

·         Lympo crowdfunding: Here, the investors can invest in the creative health and fitness related companies to promote the industry.

Benefits Offered at Lympo

·         The users can generate the data and share the self-analyzed information and experience with the co-users and earn the handsome amount.

·         This platform gives the opportunity to investors to invest in the most promising and never undergoing recession industry i.e. healthcare.

·         It has increased the customer base and pays attention by benefitting them for participating in the creation of healthy wellbeing society.

·         When the users submit their performance details on the platform, they are legitimate for the prizes in LYM token currency.

·         Many professionals have been able to expand their business through this platform and reach to the areas where it was difficult in earlier times.

·         The framework maintains the transparency and integrity of the user’s information.

When will ICO launch?

·         Timeline:

Ø  The ICO pre-sale will begin on 23rd Jan 2018 i.e. today and end on 3rd Feb 2018.

Ø  The crowd sale will commence on 17th Feb 2018 and last until 28th Feb 2018.

·         Token Denomination: LYM

·         Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000 LYM

·         Available for Sale: 38.5%

·         Country: Lithuania

·         Hard Capitalization: 14.625 ETH= 650 million LYM

·         Soft Capitalization: 15%

·         ICO Token Base Price: 1 ETH= 40,000 LYM

·         Token Type: ERC20

·         Platform: Ethereum

·         Payments will be accepted in ETH, USD, EUR, BTC, and RUR.

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