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KFC Enters Crypto World – Introduces “Bitcoin Bucket” Worth Just $20

By Manmeet
Published over 2 years ago

KFC is a popular name in the food industry and almost everyone is familiar with its popularity. KFC has gracefully expanded from a regional chain to franchises spreading all around the globe. Their “finger lickin’ good” food has converted millions of people into their loyal customers. But, this time the famous company has gone out of their league and introduced the Bitcoin Bucket, targeting customers who are crazy about cryptocurrencies.

The bucket can be bought exclusively with Bitcoin directly. KFC Canada announced this sensational news via Twitter on 11 Jan.

Currently, where people are going crazy about cryptocurrencies and many of them still exploring the area, KFC has made a smart move by taking a forward step to enter the cryptocurrency bandwagon. People can now take their favorite basket containing ten chicken tenders, waffle fries, medium gravy, a medium side, and two dipping sauces, just by spending $20 in the new virtual currency. In addition to this, citizens of Canada can also order the “Bitcoin Bucket” from home directly through Colonel & Co.’s website.

A promotional video is also released by KFC Canada in which a still graphic of the KFC bucket is superimposed with the BTC which is equivalent to $20 Canadian dollars. And it is updating in every 5 minutes for almost 4 hours. At present time, one BTC bucket cost around 0.001 bitcoin.

Considering this, the same PR stunt was also repeated by Kodak on 9th Jan 2018 in which the company announced the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for Kodakone which is the company’s own cryptocurrency. On the new KodakOne platform, Kodakone will be used to register and license images.

Earlier, BTC entered the food sector when the German food delivery company known as Lieferando began to accept BTC against their orders in July 2017. Later in August 2017, Burger King Russia also introduced their own cryptocurrency known as Whoppercoin as a part of their customer loyalty program.

According to the source, the BTC bucket or Bitcoin Bucket is currently out of stock. But, the recent tweet made by the Bitcoin Canada confirms that the Bitcoin Bucket will be restocked very soon. The company also mentioned that as soon as the bitcoin mining completes the company will deliver order as soon as they can. 

This is the first time in the history that the main league company is accepting cryptocurrency. Certain franchises such as Burger King Arnhem, Burger King Russia, and Hoosters have previously acquired the blockchain technology and introduced their own coins to expand their loyalty programs.