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Kazakhstan to launch its own cryptocurrency G-Global based on intellect

By Manmeet
Published almost 3 years ago

As said by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev that “he is very much interested to launch a cryptocurrency, which is global in nature, based not on any kind of trust”. The security of the worldwide cryptocurrency will be guaranteed by specific assets and the currency will hold on the democratic philosophy and will be transparent in nature.

Nursultan Nazarbayev said at the 10th Astana International Forum (AIF) that the new cryptocurrency will be known as G-Global and it will be a good step to make the world free of monetary wars and black marketing. He even claimed that the new global cryptocurrency will drastically reduce the volatility at the markets.

Based on these ideas of the President only, the communication platform G-Global Business Portal is constructed. The foundation, working, and activities of this communication platform are based on the President’s aim and ambition to develop the new type of cryptocurrency – G-Global. As of now the steps in the direction of creation of the new cryptocurrency have been taken and the G-Global Business Portal is actively involved in the process. The new cryptocurrency is based on the potential of the human intellect.

The labour market is bound to get affected by this new cryptocurrency. Since the very base of the cryptocurrency is human intellectual potential it will depend on the efficiency of humans.

Sergei Sergeinko, founder of the company Crono Bank, who has developed the TIME token that measures the efficiency of the employee based on the work he/she has put during his/her working hours will play a crucial role in the development of the new cryptocurrency. The same TIME token will be integrated into the G- Global Business Portal System. The TIME token is a very useful tool for the employer to know the exact scale of the usefulness of the employee in the organization. Based on the information contained in the TIME token an employer can make important and strategic decisions regarding the task force employed in his/her organization.

The G- Global Business Portal is an international communication platform which is specifically created and designed to unite experts from all over the world to join together and contribute towards the development of the portal. This project serves as an important tool for robotization, ‘smart’ factories creation, digitization of the real sector of the economy and boosting the overall growth and development of the enterprises that together make up the economy of a region.

Mikhali Korb, Member of Parliament and Secretary General of the Centre party of Estonia have given a thumb up to the role and activities of the G- Global Business Portal System. According to Mikhali, the programme is a great step forward in the field of information technology and is likely to boost the overall economic growth and development of the country. The G- Global Business Portal System is in line with their aims and ambitions about the economic growth and progress of the country.  

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