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Ntroducing the iagon ico  dragonchains first incubated crypto

Introducing the IAGON ICO, Dragonchains first incubated crypto

By Niels
Published over 2 years ago

Dragonchain, an ICO that was initially developed by Disney (yes, that Disney), acquired IAGON as their first ICO to us their incubator service. Dragonchains incubator service helps you launch your ICO built on their DRGN token, instead of the more popular ERC20 token.


IAGON is looking to build a cloud based global supercomputer using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. They want to accomplish this by letting their users share their computer’s resources including processing power and storage, who in turn get rewarded with the revenue they generated with their sharing.


The reason IAGON choose Dragonchain their incubator because their incubator allows IAGON to get advice from Dragonchains legal, technical, marketing and economics experts. This way they get full support from Dragonchain to help them create an even better product. Being part if their incubator also offers good partnerships to develop their token even more. IAGON is looking for new support from experts as they are continuing to promote and introduce AI applications, as well as making big steps in the progress of their token.