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Interview with Leon Bian the Project lead of REOS ICO

By Fiona
Published over 2 years ago

Tell us about yourself and your experience. 

I’m the project lead of REOS. I have more than 15 years of leadership experience across industries in mobile app, blockchain, security, cloud services, and software. Prior to founding REOS, I headed global business development at Graphite Software, a mobile security software solution start-up, where I grew the installed base from 0 to 150M in 1.5 years. I also held senior management positions at two major mobile device OEMs, Motorola and LG, and was named among the Top 100 Wireless Technology Experts of 2014 by Today’s Wireless World. I earned my joint master’s degree in engineering and management from MIT. 

So how did you come up with REOS? 

Working with content creators on traditional social media in projects related to live streaming and short videos, we discovered the challenges that they faced when trying to monetize their content. We decided to make it our mission to help content creators monetize their work without constraining themselves to a few centralized social media platforms.  

What is the main goal of this project? 

We aim to give control and freedom back to content creators from centralized platforms while benefiting content promoters, consumers, and advertisers in a non-traditional way. 

How did you come about the idea of using blockchain in your project?  

Blockchain technology is the core of the REOS platform due to these essential characteristics: decentralization, openness, and security. It enables us to create a community-based content validation mechanism to tap into the “wisdom of the crowd.” Results of the content validation process and all transactions are recorded on the blockchain, ensuring truthfulness and transparency. It also allows us to make sure all members have a much higher level of control over the privacy of their information. 

As far as I know, there are other projects dealing with media. Verasity, for example. How does Reos differ from them? 

REOS is an ecosystem for all types of user-generated content. It is not limited to videos. Another key differentiator is our unique content validation system. We want to create a community of content creators, promoters and consumers where members are incentivized to dig out the truth. Inspired by Reddit’s Up-vote/Down-vote mechanism, we are developing a truth ratings system on top of the REOSchain, along with the issuance of REOS tokens. 

What have been the biggest challenges you have come across so far? 

Having our project stand out amongst an increasing number of ICOs including many poorly thought out and fraudulent projects has been challenging, especially since it is a priority for us to be frugal with our funds for marketing. We are working hard to build a community around transparency and open communication. 

Why should people invest in your ICO, and why will you do well? 

Today it is more clear than ever how broken the current social media landscape is. Content creators need to be rewarded fairly and content consumers need privacy, security, and a system that ensures that the content we are consuming is truthful. REOS changes the game for everyone, and we have an amazing team with solid experience across industries in mobile Internet, blockchain, and software to make it a reality. For more insight into our project and to take a look at our roadmap, I invite everyone to read our whitepaper at www.reos.me.

You can check out REOS listing here.