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Interview with the CEO of ICO company Crystal Clear

By Rene van Pelt
Published about 3 years ago

Crystal Clear Token is a decentralized escrow based service system that is made for individuals and businesses in the service industry. It offers to it’s customers escrow, safe transactions, dispute resolution, and local services. We interviewed the Founder of Crystal Clear Services, Alexander Veretennikov.

The interview

Hi Alex, Thank you for agreeing to this interview! Who are you? What is your experience?

I’m the founder and CEO of CCS and I have the great experience with startup’s development. For the last 10 years I’m working in service industry locally and have clear vision of all processes from inside.

In your own words what is the goal of your project? What makes it different than say craigslist or some chore apps such as TaskRabbit?

Yes, Crystal Clear Services is very similar with Craigslist, but the Blockchain technology that we implement in our project will give the users absolutely new experience, it will be the next step in Services. The blockchain will give unprecedented level of trust within the platform and will spur a larger number of participants to new and new orders.

That sounds awesome, Here’s a tough one What is your plan after the ICO?

After the ICO we are planning to start trading of our CCT tokens on major exchanges and continue to develop our platform. Will start testing local version of CCS platform by the end of this year. We already starting to sign agreements with local service providers to participate in our tests.

While anyone can start a token it’s the experience behind the token that makes it worth it, What experience does your team have?

The use of tokens and ICO crowdsale gave our team the opportunity to develop and start the platform that will help people in their daily lives. Our goal is to increase confidence among the participants of the service market and improve positive mood and quality of services.

Who is your target market with your coin?

The idea of our platform is wide audience coverage and involvement of new regions and segments of the population into CCS. With each addition of new services to the platform, attracting new service campaigns and access to new regions, the interest in the CCT token will increase, which will increase its liquidity.

I know that some rumors have been going around, Is Crystal Clear confirmed to be listed anywhere and where is it already listed?

For the moment CCT is already tradable on EtherDelta exchange and some other smaller exchanges, but the big start of our trades will start after the ICO ends. We have agreements with some of the bigger exchanges to be listed and working with listing process on Poloniex and Bittrex.

Now we’ve asked you a few tough questions, now why don’t you tell us why people should invest into your ICO?

The value of our Crystal Clear Token will be guaranteed with real world services which people use on a daily basis. The total market cap of all services worldwide is tremendous, new people will be using our platform every day and this will increase the demand for our CCT tokens. And it will bring the great profit for the people who bought CCT on the ICO stage.

Can Crystal clear be compared to LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the first of all a social platform where people can find the employee for the jobs they have. But the main purpose of CCS is to find performer for the small jobs and services that should be done fast and with great quality. We will provide the place where people will find service providers and will be sure that the work will be done perfectly. All parties of the system will be confident and guaranteed of service quality and payment.

What are three benefits of the users of the Crystal Clear System?

Users will get guaranty of service through the Escrow system implemented, will be able to pay in crypto currencies, 5 judges to solve all the problems, global platform to order services all over the world, auctions to get the best price, prizes and bonuses in CCT for reviews and recommendations and many others…

What will be the fees to use this system?

The fee of the system will be only 1% of all transactions

What is the marketing strategy to promote Crystal Clear Services?

We will promote our platform as the next step in evolution of Local Services based on Blockchain technology and guaranteed quality of service.