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Insights about the upcoming Konios Platform

By Austen
Published over 2 years ago

Before we started our research about the Konios Project, we got the chance to Interview the Konios CTO – Mikel Krasniqi. Their openness and enthusiasm left a good impression. Read our use-case analysis and conclusion about the Konios Project right here:


2 billion people around the world don’t have access to basic financial services like a bank account. To operate in the digital world as we know it today, it is almost impossible for these people to engage and compete. The Konios Platform is offering a new possibility to engage and participate worldwide, by offering access to money whether its Fiat or Cryptocurrencies. This financial inclusion is the necessary step for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. By getting direct access to any cryptocurrency, anyone can participate – even without a bank account.

Access means not only to own cryptocurrency but also financial freedom, empowerment of people to work and get paid in their preferred currency anywhere in the world. This enables new entrepreneurs to engage with other countries and markets without setting up local companies, spending the budget on administration or legal counsel. New opportunities will rise, and new businesses created – and everyone gets a chance.


The Konios Team has developed a security layer, matching process and exchange procedure that does not limit the range of currency or products to be exchanged. Therefore, any crypto pair, as well as goods and fiat money, can be exchanged with each other.

People from different places have different expectations for their daily use, business or preferred currency. Including the option to choose from any exchange pair, it enables people to cooperate on a global scale and satisfy both exchange parties.


By integrating the Konios Blockchain in the Konios Platform, the whole transaction verification and funds securing as well as releasing will be decentralized. Without the interference of any third party.


To raise the required funds and make sure of a fast release of the Konios Platform, the Konios Team is doing an ICO. This public sale event will start on July 1 and will last until September 30, 2018. To secure and protect the raised funds, all participants must do the KYC check.

Accepted currencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Token (BNB)

The Konios Team has decided to fix the coin prices and make sure the participants benefit from it!

An investment with 1 Bitcoin is equal to 10’000 USD, 1 ETH is equal to 1’000 USD and 1 BNB is equal to 20 USD.

Looking at the current market prices, all participants can invest in a project that is believing in a long-term success of the crypto landscape.

The Konios Team has already more than 60’000 Twitter Follower as well as 70’000 Telegram Members. Experts in Crypto, cybersecurity and financial service provider are on the advisory board. Half of the team are developers. The history since the announcement of the Project until now is stable and constantly growing. Konios hasn’t publicly announced any exchange-listing for the KON Token, but from what we found out, they are already in touch with several exchanges, whom at least one of them is from the Top 10 exchanges worldwide. The Team and Founders are available, the communication with the Konios Community is transparent and the response time in the Telegram Group is fast.

The Konios LLC is based in Switzerland and works closely with their Legal Advisor to comply with the local laws and regulations. Which is a big plus to protect the raised funds.

If you are interested in joining the Konios Project ICO, you can do that here: https://konios.io

If you want to stay updated join the Konios social media channels:






For more information on the project, the website and read the whitepaper: