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Innovators of EdTech to hold ICO for Peer-To-Peer Tutoring Platform

By Manmeet
Published almost 3 years ago

A new virtual platform has been created by NTOK.io for the sole purpose of making education accessible to everyone all over the world. The framework of this project is based on blockchain technologies and it could be the reason that this project can take up a significant amount of share of the rapidly growing online education market as blockchain and cryptocurrencies are itself evolving fast and gaining recognition from masses all over the globe. 

The project will provide the students a provision to get in contact with various different tutors for online teaching and training sessions. The aim of this project is not to remove the traditional way of getting education i.e. schools, colleges, and universities but the purpose of developing this unique framework is to make education available for all. A lot many people, even though they want to learn and excel, couldn’t get access to proper education and opportunities due to irrational reasons. But this peer-to-peer tutoring platform will make education cost-effective, cheap and easily accessible for all those who want to learn. 

As of now the market for online – tutoring has just begun and is growing at a quick pace so it still remains an area which is largely untouched. NTOK.io aims to bring a revolution in this field by the introduction of the blockchain powered online tutoring platform. 

With the help of a framework built on the blockchain, the experience of online tutoring will be safe, secure and simple. A system will be constructed which will include reviews and ratings for all the available tutors. A cryptocurrency which goes by the name of ‘Ninja Tokens’ or NTOK will be built within and the same is to be used in exchange for getting tutoring services from this virtual education platform. Also, NTOK can be used for getting various rewards and bonuses and can be traded for other popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 

The ICO or the Initial Coin Offering for NTOK is on the card slated to be starting on 15th January 2018 and ending after a month on 15th February 2018. During this duration of the initial coin offering, NTOK.io is giving promotional bonus tokens which will have a value of 10% of the amount which is invested for ninja tokens. 

This kind of promotion will definitely help them to reach the minimum cap of $15 million. Also, another benefit of this blockchain based peer-to-peer online education platform is that this is the perfect solution for the widespread problem of not giving education fast enough to catch up to new knowledge. 

It is believed that education institutions like various schools and colleges will love to invest in this online tutoring facility as they very well know that there are many students who really require some kind of individual help in terms of education which they are unable to provide without putting in more amount of bucks that most of the times, is not feasible for the institution. Thus, NTOK.io will definitely be able to bring itself to a position of a worldwide quality education service provider with this innovative method of online tutoring. 

Alpha version for NTOK has undergone a successful trial run and the beta version is expected to have a trial run very soon. The official version is planned to launch in June 2018.