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Ico statistics

ICO statistics: The best funded ICO's per category in 2017

By Jane
Published almost 3 years ago

There has been a dramatic change in the finance industry after the awareness about the ICO increased around the globe. ICO’s has become a billion-dollar industry with a potential to throw over the current economic system and paradigms known to us. Let us take a look at some of the statistics of top icos and ico categories in 2017. In 2017, there had been 222 ICO working around the globe. A total of $3.5 billion was raised by the ICO but some of them led the list by a margin.

TOP 10 ICOS OF 2017

In the number one spot so far Filecoin leads the ICO list by raising around $257USD million out $3.5 USD billion raised. Following close behind Filecoin in the number two spot is Tezos with $232 USD million raised out $3.5 USD billion. After the number one and two spots, the difference margin increases in size with EOS Stage 1 in third place with a raise of $185 million USD followed closely by Paragon with a total raise of $183 million USD. At number five spot is the last ICO that topped up the $100 million USD market cap. Bancor hit a skyrocketing value of $153 million USD. 

Top ICO's for 2017

Topping the $100 million USD market cap is a very high mark for ICO’s. At the number six spot in 2017 was the King Kik with $97 million USD raised followed by Status at $90 Million USD, TenX at $64 Million USD, MobileGo at $53 million USD and cyber network at $48 Million USD in the bottom of the top ICO’s of 2017 list.


In 2017 Infrastructure raised an all-time high in any ICO category with 35.3% of total $3.5 Billion USD ($1,255,634,779.8) which marks up to $1.2 billion. Trading & Investing came second with 13.4% ($476,719,944.32) which marks upto $476 million for the total money raised. It was followed in third by Finance 9.7% ($345,161,821.3) which added upto $345 million USD. Data Storage 8.0% ($286,222,856) had a total raise of $286 million USD with Payments under it with 7.5% ($265,809,236.36) resulting in a total raise of $265 million USD. Drugs & Healthcare 5.7% ($202,526,054.4)Gaming & VR 3.8% ($134,967,024.9)Gambling & Betting 3.3% ($118,225,095.92)Commerce & Advertising 1.9% ($68,750,549) raised up a total of $506 million USD.

top ico categories

The slowest process in ICO Mining raised around 0.6% ($20,647,239) which tops up to $20 million USD which was mainly due to the long process. Mining is the most occurring transaction in an ICO blockchain. Privacy & Security raised about 0.6% ($19,710,000) which added up to a total $19 million USD,Content Management 0.5% ($17,030,260.08) USD, Machine Learning & AI 0.4% ($15,021,695),Recruitment 0.4% ($14,473,034.6) and Commodities 0.3% ($11,602,632) raised a total of $57 million as the middle players of the ICO market. One of the tail Enders of the ICO categories Transport raised around 0.3% ($11,529,000) $11 million USD.

In the second last place Provenance & Notary raised around 0.3% ($10,000,000) Travel & At the bottom of the ICO categories Governance raised around 0.0% ($258,645) with total upto $258k.

Above mentioned statistics show the rise in the statistics of the latest ICO ranking around the world. Cryptocurrency markets are dramatically raising as the peak players of the markets raised values that are too high for a simple market. Cryptocurrency are becoming famous and in the coming futures a single ICO would be able to raise up to Billions of USD.