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Gilgamesh – Using Blockchain to Connect Authors, Readers & Critics

By Manmeet
Published almost 3 years ago

Since time immemorial books have been our source of knowledge and inspiration. With the advent of the internet and other related technologies, there is no place for a meaningful interaction between authors and readers and whatever platforms exist, they are similar to stagnant water. There is no direct interaction between readers and the authors. Publishers are acting as middlemen and influencing the way the book industry works. Moreover, open communication between authors and the service providers of the industry has ceased to exist. 

The solution of all these problems comes in the form of Gilgamesh Platform based on Ethereum blockchain. It provides a one of a kind stage where authors, service providers, and readers can communicate openly with one another. Anybody interested in books, whether readers as well as new authors, can join the platform and socialize with one another. By encouraging positive communication between readers and authors, the entire publishing industry can be influenced.

How Gilgamesh Platform Works?

• Anybody can join and connect with a community of readers and authors and share their knowledge through a simple, easy to use application.

• For all the meaningful and deep conversations the participants will receive ERC 20 GIL Tokens.

• The GIL Tokens can be used to purchase books and other related services from the in-app store. Even the tokens can be used by the users for voting related to any changes in the platform. So everybody will play a vital part in the governance of the platform. 

• The data is completely safe and secure on Ethereum smart contracts.

• Moreover, there won’t be any kind of censorship and the shared knowledge as well as information will be stored on the decentralized network under all types of security provisions. 

Benefits of Gilgamesh Platform

The Gilgamesh platform comes with a host of benefits which are listed below:-

• The book community, which has long been a knowledge house, is rejuvenated by the Gilgamesh Platform by socially connecting all the readers, critics and authors. Authors can seek reader opinions for their work and get to know what is currently in vogue with the readers. 

• Publishers, as a middleman, are removed with the Gilgamesh Platform which enables the authors to directly interact with the self-publishing service providers who will be available on the Gilgamesh platform. This way self-publishing will become cheaper and more affordable form of publication. 

• With the help of this platform, authors will generate a fair income for the hard work they put in. Publishers won’t have any type of control over the book industry and authors will receive the benefit for their hard work and services directly to them. 

• With the help of this platform, everybody will be able to generate their own opportunities to get the desired success. 

• In the end, new authors who are really talented but lack the financial capital to get their work published can come out and get their stuff published and gain a worldwide recognition as well as critical acclaim. 

Gilgamesh ICO Details

Total Tokens for Sale: 60 Million GIL Tokens

Accepted Currency: ETH

Minimum Transaction Amount: 0.1 ETH

Estimated Start Date: 15th January 2018

Estimated End Date: 26th March 2018

Token Exchange Rate: Yet to be announced