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Fusion ICO: Why they have a lot of potential

By Fiona
Published over 2 years ago

Blockchain technology has proven to be limitless when it comes to application into the real world. The number of ICOs in the market targeting to solve a variety of societal needs can attest to the versatility and robustness of this technology. Among the promising ICOs that have piqued the attention of the crypto enthusiasts is the FUSION ICO. 


It is an ICO for a blockchain-based platform known as FUSION. FUSION is a public blockchain platform that aims to create an inclusive crypto-financial platform by providing cross-organization, cross-chain ad cross-data source smart contracts. The platform is meant to serve the coming digital era and more so the crypto-financial market that is growing at a very high rate. The objective is to have a variety of tokens mapped onto the FUSION platform.

What does FUSION Whitepaper say?

FUSION has elaborated in fine details what they envision to achieve with the project. According to the whitepaper, the team envisions to create a platform that will serve the future crypto-financial market. With the so many platforms coming up, there is a need to have the crypto assets /values harmonized them for better control of the market and consumer’s ease of use. That’s why they are working towards bringing a variety of tokens on a single platform.

According to the whitepaper, FUSION will help connect and link various digital and crypto asset value (tokens) by creating a layer of control management for the various tokens under their control by enabling a distributed management of private keys to the token. According to this document, the platform will also add a feature that provides ports for central organizations and external data sources.


According to the whitepaper, the primary vision if the FUSION team to solve the issue of interoperability problem by creating a platform-level public chain that can connect all kind of crypto values, communicate between different communities and tokens while at the same time bridge decentralized and centralized platforms. But to achieve that, the team have to build a public chain which supports the mapping of different tokens to it.

FUSION Token and ICO

FSN is the token or the currency that will be used to trade on the FUSION ecosystem. The coin will be used to pay for the transaction. The ICO was held between 1st – 10th February 2018. But you can buy the token on Bibox exchange. When writing, the currency was selling at $2.02 with a circulation of $27,588,200 FSN. Diagrammatic representation of FUSION ICO financial performance.



FUSION is a unique blockchain-based platform. The idea of consolidating and harmonizing a variety of tokens on one platform is the future of crypto financial market. The team that created VeChain and QTUM is running the project, and thus there is a lot of potential in it. According to the roadmap, the platform will officially roll out in 2019. It is an ICO to watch and invest in.

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