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Forty-Seven Bank ICO

By Jane
Published almost 3 years ago

Forty-seven was founded by information Technologies, Finance, Economics, Marketing and professionals in the gaming industry in 2017. The Forty Seven Bank platform was founded with tea to help people move from obsolete financial products to more viable options that will eventually evolve. The project helps improve financial models and adapt them to changing scenarios and new challenges. 

Connect the Financial Worlds

The mission of forty-seven bank is to create an innovative, flexible application platform open to developers of financial technologies, capable of working with access to banking infrastructure under the umbrella of forty-seven banks, and to clients. The mission of Forty-seven Bank and its management team is to provide financial services and safe, innovative and easy-to-use services to our clients: individuals, businesses, developers, concessionaires, financial and governmental institutions.

Forty Seven Banks is Innovative Start Of Financial Technology

To provide high quality, safe and easy-to-use banking services, Services for individual and institutional consumers that will be fully recognized by the tax authorities and in accordance with the bank will specialize in digital financial services, fully backing traditional cryptographic currencies and fiat currencies. Elementary the cryptocurrency processes include purchase and sales functions, investment and conversion options, and cryptographic and current accounts. Multi-Asset Account will be one of the innovative products of Forty Seven Bank, which will make it possible Guests have access to all their accounts in various cryptographic banks and portfolios and their investments and their economic and equivalent cryptocurrency through a single application. It will be possible to work with any type of asset by having a single multiple asset account in Forty Seven Bank. Forty-seven will offer unique cryptographic products such as bonds, futures and options. Our goal is to invent that market and take the leadership position in the short and long term. 

Forty-Seven Team Will Develop in a System Compatible With PSD2

With integrated blockchain, intelligent contract, API, biometric and machine learning technologies, Forty-seven will offer unique cryptographic products such as bonds, futures and options. Forty-seven goals are to invent that market and take the leadership position in the short and long term. 

Forty-Seven United is Registered in London, United Kingdom

The UK government and regulators have created favorable conditions for cryptocurrencies and other digital asset initiatives. London itself is an important financial center that provides access to much of the currency market. In this context, it could be argued that London could provide a solid basis for claims and further development of cryptocurrency services. The Fort Seven team has already had a successful experience in the development of financial technology products and its full legal record in the regulatory framework of the United Kingdom - FCA. 

The Uniqueness of Forty-Seven Bank will Complete the Technological and Legal Equipment to Treatment of Cryptocurrency

In the absence of direct competitors, the bank believes that the demand for banking products and services can initially increase, creating a constructive basis for long-term healthy growth. In the last six months, the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has multiplied by six, FortySeven believe that the market is still in its infancy and there is great potential for new projects to invent and develop ecosystem and infrastructure projects for cryptoworld. FortySeven believe that Fortune Seven Bank will be the first of its kind and will quickly become the market leader. During the past year, ICO became a widely used tool for cryptocurrency Contribute resources to various projects. ICO has also become another great option for companies to raise funds.

Mission, Vision and Values

The mission of Forty Seven Bank and the administration, the equipment must provide a safe Innovative and easy-to-use financial products and services for our clients: individuals, companies, developers, distributors, financial and governmental institutions. Our product line will bring together the crypto world and the world of traditional finance, offering new unique opportunities. Forty-seven believe that the future of the EU financial sector will change significantly in early 2018 following the entry into force of the PSD2 Directive. The Forty Seven Bank system will be designed from the start in line with the upcoming regulatory framework, giving Forty Seven Bank a competitive advantage in terms of time and costs. This is an advantage for the traditional bank, which must impose reorganization procedures to comply with the new standards.

Most of the financial sector moves to finance new technology companies that can offer and deliver unique products and services. With high quality clients and technological support, Forty-seven will take the lead among these new companies and FortySeven will be one of the first Pioneers in the changing financial world.

Forty-Seven values

• Transparency;

• Financial stability;

• The efficiency and user procedures;

• Security and confidentiality (privacy)

• Innovation

• The satisfaction of the client;

• Growth of market shares and global expansion

• Benefit for all involved

Forty-Seven bank will offer a wide range of services in smart contracts

Basically, smart contracts are computer programs that work in general block of the chain. These contracts may operate in accordance with the financial information of Forty Seven Bank customers and partners, and strict adherence to the entire contract is given. The result of contract execution is stored in the block chain. No one can eliminate or change this information. The source code of the intelligent contract is provided in open source, and anyone can read and review all the rules specified in each specific intelligent contract.

The Agent in the Commitment Portfolio are the Founders of Forty-Seven

Aleksands Malins: co-founder and executive director;

Igors Astapčiks - Co-founder and Director of Operations;

Mihails Skoblovs: co-founder and financial director;

Vladimir Tomko - co-founder and marketing director.