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FintechFans to Kick-off the Presale of FintechCoin

By Ratko Stambolija
Published almost 3 years ago

Groningen, NL – FintechFans, a well-established online platform for professionals in Fintech, starts the presale of their Fintechcoin on November 29. The company aims to expand their platform into the decentralized market for professionals in the field, allowing companies and freelancers to connect more easily. In order to gather funds for this project, the company has decided to start a Token sale, with the goal of raising the minimum of 1 million FINC (1 FINC equals about 1 Euro).

FintechCoin (abbreviated as FINC) will be used primarily on the FintechFans platform for:

·       Paying for the services of the professional freelancers

·       Buying an advertisement slot on the publicly visible webpages.

·       Placing a job opening on the Job Board platform.

·       Giving ’premium attention’ to prior placed job openings on the Job Board


The pre-sale of the coin will be held from December 1. to January 31. After that, FintechFans will launch the public sale which will last from February 7. to February 28.


“We founded FintechFans in the desire to provide a meeting place for Fintech companies and the respective professionals in the field. Fintech is growing at a fast pace, providing numerous opportunities to all those involved, and we believe that we can do even more if we get connected with the industry. Fortunately, the raising popularity of Blockchain technology gave us the best technology to do it. With the decentralization, the ecosystem is now mature for funding and innovation. FintechFans aims to become a perfect facilitator for that,” said FintechFans CEO, Marcel van Oost.


The funds collected during the token sale are going to be distributed according to the following schedule:

·       Marketing, Helpdesk, Communications - 25 percent

·       Management - 25 percent

·       Web development - 20 percent

·       Smart contracts - 15 percent

·       System integration - 10 percent

·       Devops - 5 percent


More info about the project can be found at FintechFans website.