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Experty ICO – Calls Powered by Cryptocurrency

By Mandeet
Published almost 3 years ago

The current focus of Experty is to solve the problem of talent crisis in the blockchain community. It does so by allowing experts in the field to monetize their skills through a Skype-like voice and video application. An automatic smart contract system handles all the payments using its very own token EXY. 

How Experty Works? 

1. At first, a knowledge provider is required to set up his/her per minute consultation rate.

2. Secondly, knowledge provider shares his/her profile with the person who is seeking advice. Sharing is done by providing the link to any website or on any social media platform.  

3. At last the advice seeker gets the required information and payment for the same. The payment is made to the knowledge provider via Ethereum blockchain instantly. 

Facilities provided by the Experty Application 

• Paid Group calls can be made using Experty application.

• A Knowledge provider can even give webinars with the help of Experty.

• An Expert is required to take care of a number of calls during the day. Through scheduling section of Experty, he/she can easily manage the workload.

• Texting (Single, Group Texting as well as paid 1-on-1 text messaging) service is also provided

• A lot many times a customer might not be clear about something verbally. So in those cases, to make the things clear there is a facility of screen sharing.

• If screen sharing doesn’t work then video call can also be made between the knowledge provider and the advice seeker.

• Even the conversations can be recorded in case the customer or knowledge expert wants to hear the conversation again.  

Benefits of Using Experty

• Through Experty a knowledge provider can monetize his/her knowledge by providing immediate access to a vast amount of information that he/she has from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world. 

• There is not much of a setup required to use Experty. This enables the advice seekers to get their required answers even at a very short notice. If proper service is not provided refunds are also provided through the smart contract. 

• It serves a dual benefit for customers as well as experts. Experts get payments immediately without the need of going through any third party applications. Callers or customers are not required to pay in advance as all payment is handled during the call itself and is instantly settled at the end of the call with the help of smart contract system. 

When Experty ICO token sale will be available?

• The token sale will start on 31st Jan 2018 and last until 10th Feb 2018.

• The ticker will be EXY and token type will be ERC20.

• ICO Token Price: 1 EXY = 0.69 USD (0.00100 ETH)

• Fundraising Goal: 9,000,000 

• USD Total Tokens: 100,000,000 

• Available for Token Sale: 33%

• People from the USA can’t participate in this ICO.

• Payments will be accepted in ETH and BTC (USD).