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Everything you need to know about the Crafty ICO

By Paula
Published over 2 years ago

Cryptocurrency is what everyone has been talking about. Everyone wants to get a share of this lucrative and speculative market for different reasons. While corporations want to maximize profits on their investment, independent traders are looking to make more money through these investments. How about having a platform that can connect workers and employers? Well, that is what Crafty ICO is providing. 

What is a Crafty?

Crafty is a blockchain-based platform that connects various services providers to contractors at zero intermediation fees or centralized control. The platform aims to tackle the problem of trust between autonomous workers with their employers. The company will be providing a more affordable and user-friendly platform that will help employers eliminate the issues of mistrust and incompetence while workers willa direct contact with employers.

What does Crafty Whitepaper Say?

Screen ClippingAccording to the Crafty whitepaper, the company tacking the problem of mistrust by enabling a seamless information flow by the use of blockchain technology. The crafty team aims at tackling the issue of trust between autonomous workers and their contractors. According to the team, the platform will work towards turning workers into professional or skilled entrepreneurs by informing, integrating and tuning them into the market.  To achieve this, the team will be building a blockchain based platform brings workers and service consumers (contractors) together on a single platform. The platform will also eliminate the middlemen in the equation by giving workers and employers a direct contact.

Crafty Token and ICO Sale

CFTY is the token and the currency that will be used on all transactions on the Crafty ecosystem. So, customers will need to buy these tokens to participate on this platform. The crafty token sale took place on Feb 18, 2018, to March 13, 2018, where 5 billion tokens (50%) were up for crowd sale. The total supply is 10 billion. 30% of the total supply token was reserved while 20% was for founders, advisers, team, and bounty.

How to Get Involved

All you need is to have CFTY token to start a transaction on this platform. Unfortunately, the token sale is over, and thus you can only buy from the investors. The best exchanges to buy these tokens include Poloniex, Bittrex, and Bitfinix amongst others. But you exchange only exchange CFTYwith Ether or Bitcoin and not fiat money. 

Crafty Roadmap

The team has their targets sets on every quarter of the year. Here is the roadmap as released by the company:

Q2 of 2018: Crafty established as an operational MVP

Q3 of 2018: Registration of Crafty inside the platform

Q4 of 2018: Bring services to “bancarized” people

Q1 of 2019: Offer consumers recommendations via AI

Q2 of 2019: Add in a personal assistant through Crafty

Q3 of 2019 through Q1 2020: Offer recommendations that are based on the spatial information of each investor

Crafty Future

Crafty is a great platform that is addressing problems in real world. It is a blockchain platform that will address the entire population. It will give employers the ability to negotiate and ability to hire people who can complete their projects. Crafty is a highly potent cryptocurrency worth investing in.