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Everything about the KredX ICO

By Adarsh Tripathi
Published almost 3 years ago

A new organization has just burst onto the ICO scene. KredX, launching their ICO recently on the 4th of October, say that they're here to make some changes to the way we use and interact with our Cryptocurrency.

KredX are raising funds via Initial Coin Offering to put the power of Cryptocurrency in the hands of billions worldwide in the form of an app-enabled Multi-Cryptocurrency wallet with a linked zero-balance debit card. Complete with its own feature-rich supporting platform that will give its Users all the tools they need to not only join, but thrive in the Cryptocurrency world. Everyone from brand-new Cryptocurrency Users to seasoned Crypto-Veterans will be able to harness the power of Blockchain Technology in a simple, stream-lined way through KredX.

KredX say that they will create a platform that is so functional, diverse, and easily accessible that it will quickly become the go-to Cryptocurrency platform and application, becoming a front-runner for global Cryptocurrency adoption. They are going to do this by incorporating numerous features and functions in such a way that puts Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology closer in reach to the general public than ever before.

KredX is an organization that was founded in late 2016, and from there, began the journey to design, envision, and plan the KredX Platform. KredX have told us that from the beginning they wanted to find some way that they could make it easier for everyone to use Cryptocurrency and be successful while doing so, becoming active and contributing members to the larger Cryptocurrency Economy and Community. Ultimately deciding on the KredX platform as the right tool to meet that lofty goal.

The KredX Team is lead by Daniele and Gabriele Ronchese, the two brothers that founded The Kredit Project, the organization that created Kreditcoin (insert hyperlink https://kreditproject.org) in mid 2017, David Rees, South African local day-time television lead actor and celebrity, and Neeraj Pandey, head of Web IT Experts, a successful Software development firm in India.

The Team

- Daniele Ronchese (Head of Blockchain Development)
- Gabriele Ronchese (Head of Marketing)
- David Rees (Head of Sales)
- Neeraj Pandey (Head of Development)

Lead Developers:

Ankit Agrawal (Sr. Development Team Leader), Vinay Gupta (Sr. PHP Developer), Rahul Jaiswal (WordPress Developer), Adarsh Tripathi (Brand Manager), Aman Bhaskar
(Sr. Java Developer), Nikhil Singh (Sr. Web Designer), Reetesh Gupta (Sr. PHP Developer), Aman Mishra (Sr. PHP Developer), Prashant Singh (Sr. Android Developer), Ashish Agarwal (Digital Marketing Manager) Deepak Singh (Sr. HTML Developer), Rohit Pandey (Sr. Graphics Designer).

KredX is very diverse and ambitious with their planned features, some of which are commonplace with other platforms. However what sets KredX apart is the way they bring together all their features innovatively to create a unique system that is Blockchain based and remains decentralized, seeming almost like an all-in-one toolkit for any aspiring Crypto.

The main feature of the KredX platform is it's Multi-Currency Wallet and Debit Card, which they say will allow Cryptocurrency use to have maximum ease and convenience. The Cryptocurrency Wallet itself will be able to store all major Cryptocurrencies, as well as those created and voted for by the community. And their debit card, which will be linked directly to Wallet, will let its holders spend Cryptocurrency by swiping their cards which converts Cryptocurrency into Fiat money using up-to-date exchange rates to give to merchants. Switching the Card-Linked Currency will be easy and done straight from the app letting Users to take full advantage of Market trends and patterns.

Other Planned Features include:

- Decentralized Social Network
- Cryptocurrency Exchange
- Blockchain/token creation platform
- E-Shop
- Crypto-Checkout
- GPS Map
- P2P Marketplace
- Encrypted Instant Messenger

What makes their proposed feature set so unique is the making of their platform a true "Cryptocurrency" platform by implementing a brand new Cryptocurrency Kredits (KRX) as the base and encouraged form of payment across all its features. Kredits will be made using CryptoNote as a base (The same technology used to make Monero) featuring a private blockchain and transactions protected by highly advanced Ring-signature encryption. However the use of Kredits exceeds that of just a payment method as it will also act as the base for all future currencies made using their Blockchain Creation platform that will allow its users to make their own Cryptocurrencies as well as Tokens on the KRX Blockchain.

Holders of KredX Tokens (KRT) made available for sale during the ongoing KredX ICO will be able to exchange their KRT for KRX at a rate of 1:1. KredX Founders say that by doing this they're creating a healthy bilateral relationship between the Ethereum based ECR20 Token and their new Cryptocurrency resulting in more stable market patterns and greater levels of versatility for the platform overall.

The KredX Team have expressed great hope for the future and longevity of their platform stating that they are sure that it will be clear to any Cryptocurrency User that their platform is superior and more functional than any out there today. That what they are building will foster a decentralized dynamic ecosystem that will grow and develop according to the needs and desires of its Users.


Overall, KredX is undertaking a highly ambitious task in creating their platform, one has to ask the question; Can they do it? We think so, its clear to us that KredX has the expertise, technology, and motivation to create a platform unlike any seen before. You can do it KredX Team!